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At a festival for 4 days.. how am I gonna keep it up!?

Hey so I'm heading off to download festival next month & I am fucking SYKED! Anyone else on here got a ticket? I'll be looking out for some sick hawks -:D

Anyway, I got about a 6'' hawk which I normally keep up for 2 days straight until it just gives in, I'm also growing a side hawk but that's an easily controllable length atm. What i'm looking for is a way to keep this shit up as long as possible! I'm leaving on the thursday morning and obv not gonna be able to get hold of hairdryer when I'm there because of no power so I reckon I'll do it before I go, but i'm there til sunday night. Any ideas/products I could use to keep it going the whole time?


Cheers for reading!

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hahaha I guess I kinda set you up for that one!
for sure use the pills. although if its up more then 4 hours, see a 
just spray the fuck out of your hair. its easy to keep the hawk up for 4 days

if its more than 4 hours go see more women... 


its okay, you can trust me... I'm not a doctor (but i'll look anyway). 

I would take the Knox gelatin idea. I've never used it personally, but I've heard good shit about it. Also, I find back combing your hawk before you put it up makes it more sturdy....


And sleep on the side....

try to learn to sleep on your side :) kept mine up for a week that way. just needed washing a bit cos it went really greasy and stale :/ oh and use a bit of extra strength hairspray and this gel my boyf has think its called stuck or summat and its like pva glue :)

Got2B has some great shit.  The cement spray and paste used to keep my hair up for a week at a time when my hawk was as long as yours. 


This first:


Then make sure this is worked into your hair really well before and after blowdrying:


Hope it helps(:

I use glued & freeze spray atm, never seen the cememtn stuff before which i gotta try now aswell :D I got lots to try from this forum! thankyou!

Ahaha. No problem.  The cement is really nice because it's waterproof.  And even when lots of water is added, it won't come out unless it's thuroughly shampoo-ed.  xD  I recommend using the AXE sand shampoo to get it out, otherwise it's pretty rough without all the grit in there to sand it out.
I think I got all I need now but I jsut don't want this to happen again haha
Make sure u have enofe airflow in the tent to let out the humidity it will help

Hadn't though of that, good advice cheers

ok heres the best mix thats what i used last year at download get treseme freeze spray put that on g2bglued gel only a lil make sure its nice and dry then ontop of all that g2bglued freeze spray and hairdry the fuck out of it and ul have an awsome bendy but hard mohawk like wont move if your diving around and what not but if you smack it aginst something itl just bend and spring back up and just take some hairspray with you aswell just incase best way spray it then get a mate to blow on it until its half drie then just let the rest drie out alone


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