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im debating on gettn a tattoo of the D.R.I. logo on my upper arm so i culd hide it if i had to, cuz D.R.I. is fucking amazing unlike lamer bands ppl r butt-obsessed with or over rated like the misfits, tho id get a danzig tat but my friend got that alredy, so I ask anyone out there who has a band dedication tatoo., is it really worth it? Opinions? ladies???

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I was going to get a music related tattoo but decided against it, and TBH I'm glad as my tastes have changed a bit and that's always a risk. You can of course see it as a reminder of those times, so just make sure it's one that you'll still like even if you stop liking the band in question. (so maybe like get something that represents the music to you, rather than the band's logo?)
bad idea dude
yea, its debatable. but the dri logo is so simple yet badass. better then gettn some gay band like op ivy tatooed
I got a band tattoo. It's cool because it's subtle and only other fans would know what it was. And I've always liked them. CFH
eh i definetly havent herd of em
You've heard of them, early 90s groove metal?
no i sed i havent herd of them
Pantera, Guy.
I'm not really for or against them myself, but they do have pros and cons.

It may remind you of how much you love them, represent them/your music tastes.

It will also be there forever and the band may change into something you can't stand.

So there are ups and downs. Personally, I would not get a band tattoo unless I felt REALLY strongly about it and HAD to have it (probably give it a good few months before finalizing it)
its all about D.R.I. Abductionnnnnn
Got to consider the risk of your tastes changing. I have quite a few plans for music related tattoos most though are artwork so of which I've morphed into my own thing. I've got my 'wasted youth' tattoo across my wrist that was gotten with a few friends and my CADM logo for California Death Metal. Already decided that if I make to an old age I'm going to be the crazy woman with bright hair pressing all the buttons in the toy aisle to drive people nuts, blasts loud music and always has beer in the fridge so I'm personally not worried about. I'd say if anything get a logo or piece of artwork of theirs instead of something like the bands name flatout.


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