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I wanna hear some of the great times you have had seeing great bands! tell me who and how they were! i would have to say one of the best and most fun bands i have seen would be the Dead Kennedys, (kinda a bummer without Jello though).

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the adalesents wit dropkickmurphys

I saw Gogol Bordello in New Jersey this summer.

That was the best and the worst concert of my life.

you saw gogol bordello!?


Im headaing down to the DC to see them on Thursday.

& Making my way back up to New York to see them at Terminal 5

Crystal Castles in Leeds. Right at the front with Alice Glass stage diving on top of me - it was pretty cool :)
My friends went to see Crystal Castles in Boston but missed them because the T was late, great band.
I'd say it's between the Municipal waste/ Toxic Narcotic/ Skeleton Witch show and the MDC/ Citizen fish show
I'd have to say Disciple and Brian "Head" Welch. I moshed for like 3 hours straight.
drop kick murphy n social distortion, rancid, gwar..

was SO close to going to that show. but i had my friends going away party the night before and another party for a friends birthday the night of the show, im still pissed i missed him!




dropkick muprhys last year novemeber 2009, i wasn't even drinking age but dropkick has been my favorite band for YEARSSSSS. finally seeing them was an amazing experience, i also did my first crowed surf to "boys on the docks" whcih just so happens to be an all-time favorite. me and my gf still talk about the show and how good it was. just everything about it. holy fuck.


the adicts would probbaly be up there aswell, i been hoping they come to Canada for maby 2 years now, but nothing. so when i went down to L.A my whole goal was to see a show, and i did. and holy fuck it was amazing. the L.A crowd was insane, and the adicts where fucking amazing live, monkey and all his antics well the band was spot on with everything. i loved every minute of it.

Yeah jello was a trip! I have seen the DK's many times growing up in So Cal. I think without Jello it would be like a cover band or something..


OH I COULD CRY DX the queers are ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing. i absolutely love them


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