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i find myself bored alot what do u guys do to avoid boredom besides drugs and drink cus im too poor to afford both of those things haha

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I go to school, work, and sleep. Thats about all I have time for it feels, but I like playing my electric ukulele, skate/longboarding reading, and lately I've been into making cooking creative meals vegan and vegetarian. Above all, talking to my boyfriend is my favorite thing to do, but I'm afraid I can't offer him to you; I don't like sharing. :P
Why are you not allowed?

Oh, that makes sense. Well, best of luck!

I bake/decorate.. which is both my work and my hobby. If im bored and dont have an order to on I come up with new designs, recipes, treats, etc. Or i clean and get my housework done.. im too busy to be bored anymore lol.
hang on pages like this... write, read, listen to music, watch tv, go out,
CALL OF DUTY!!!!! or my favorite, getting ass,,BUT if neither are available to you,you could always uhhhhh ummmm,,I don't have a clue,cause if my wife left and my ps3,360,and wii broke IM FUCKED,, I would probably die of boredom ,,literally lol
school occupies some time during the day, i hang out atthe beach a lot with friends, play roller hockey and i just started singing in a band (: there are times when there seems to be nothing to do but as long as you're around people you enjoy being around its easier to not be bored 
have you tried huffing glue or spraypaint?
work on various projects (i.e. my DIY vest, art, learning bass) or just read a good book. but if youre not a reader, then that could be hard to find a good book to get hooked on.
cant go wrong with Marquis De Sade

Learn to play punk music, I like DOA, Battalion of Saints, Circle Jerks, Void, Scream, Black Flag, MDC, Minor Threat and so on.........


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