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is it just me, or are there a fuck load of hot chicks on this site from Canada?

it must be the air the breath or the water they drink up there haha.

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Hey, give the guys some credit, too!!
I have noticed that there seems to be a lot of hot canadian guys here as well, XD.
Not to mention guys from other places too;) This place is full of them.
haha i would, but im only into the gals
Lol it's because Canada is fucking awesome!!
:D totally agree.
Ya i agree skully stitches, now i live in michigan and i havent seen a fellow mohawker in YEARS! Just little baby jockhawks.
Plus if i go out of town or state i only see guys with chicks.
Agreed. I live in Montreal, which is apparently number 8 out of the "top 10 cities with the most beautiful women". I am originally from the states and (at least where I resided), girls went out in pajamas not really caring how they looked. I am usually in a hoodie or a tee with cut offs or pants and my boots (so im not one to talk on appearance), and thats seems to be under par with how girls look up here. I always feel under dressed, when you see girls walking around looking like they could have come out of a magazine. It seems the people here care a lot more about their appearance, which obviously attributes more towards how they take care of themselves and what they go out in. You dont see near as many overweight people either. I am guessing its like that around most of the world. I noticed the states seem to have a lower standard for what is deemed acceptable, (at least appearance/clothing wise) in public. Hence, this is most likely why there are more hot chicks in Canada then in the States.
AGREED,,, I even had one at one point in time''SIGH'', but she moved to the UK,and to say she was hot is an understatement,,,''SIGH''


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