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Canadian "forces" stickin their dicks where they don't belong

     Hey, let's bomb Libya says Canada's defence minister, Peter Mackay. Let's get the CF 18s all lubed up and ready for death, yeah? I'm usually fairly proud to be a Canadian. Not today. Maybe I'm being a bit ignorant to circumstance, but the bottom line is the bottom line.

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I haven't heard of this....


But now I am sad.

Today's update/correction -
So I may have jumped the gun saying that the CF 18s are on a bombing mission. It seems that "officially" they are flying over to "patrol the coast". On the other hand, Obama HAS sent many a tomohawk missile, and had allied forces on the eastern side of the globe do the same. This is all very general information so don't pin me down with corrections, I know I'm being vague. But the situation doesn't change, Libya is still fighting it's own "government" (Dictator Muammar Ghadafi). Hopefully democracy prevails... but when has that ever really worked? HA!
Until someone asks for help...its a bad precedent to meddle in the affairs of another government.

It's a moral dilemna, it's hard to sit back and watch another civil war unfold. Clearly Barack couldn't do it, and now Stephen Harper and Peter Mackay want to get involved, I just can't figure it out...

thats just it....civil war....are there sides? Its the same thing over and over...Ahganihstan, Irag, Colombia, Nicaruagua, Indoneasia, Serbia, Croatia, Korea, China, theres dictators doing all kinds of horrible shit...and nobody does anything....but once its on CNN or theres an OIL interest...oh boy...we gotta race and save those poor people from themselves...TAAAA DAAA! look heres the USA, CANADA and UK to your rescue...once the crisis is averted...ok now we want oil and natural resources concession!

update - March 23rd .  Canadian jets returned to from their first offensive mission yesterday without deploying any weapons. They were setting out to bomb a Libyan airfield, to enforce a UN sanctioned no-fly-zone, but turned around due to a high risk of civilian casualties.  TODAY however, they bombed a munitions depot. To quote a fellow from CBC News , "Their mission has a clear beginning, but no end in sight. " Overnight, 20 US Tomohawk missiles were fired at Libyan targets, while Gadhafi continues to attack rebel strongholds in is own damn country. The reported casualties so far are roughly over 50 - 60, (I THINK). This is gunna be one big bummer.
i understand where you are coming from and i agree(somewhat) if they wanna hav a civil war, let the bastards duke it out, not interfere with them

It's not even so much that I want to "let the bastards duke it out", I just can't believe that Canada had to get involved. No one should have gotten involved, it should have ended when the people of Libya said We want a democracy and we're sick of this dictatorship. I guess the fun thing about being a dictator is you can say, Well fuck you!, to your own people and not step down. But then civil wars begin, and here we are. The problem is that Gadhafi has no sense in his head, nor do any of the people involved in trying to "help". Although, like Beans On Toast sings, We always blame leaders, but we never blame ourselves... That's barely relevant to this, but as easy as it is to blame the leaders who are making the fucked up decisions, try to put yourself in their place. That's a lot of pressure to make a snap decision, and when it's on such a grand scale, you can't exactly just say "Okay, that didn't work, DO OVER" lol. But at this point, I'm just spitting out sensless rambling...

UPDATE - So this update is almost unrelated to the Libyan conflict, but is still relavent. Yet another Canadian soldier has been taken from us in Afghanistan. Between Bush's Never Ending War, and what is soon to be Iraq : The Sequel in Libya, it's getting hard to stay positive.
OK! Some positivity! Watching the Colbert Report the other night, and he addressed Canada's involvment in the Libyan crisis. Oh boy, this made me laugh, Colbert mentioned that since it's Canada enforcing the No Fly Zone over Libya, it really should be called a No Fly, Unless You Really Want To, Then Its Ok, I Guess Zone. Ha!


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