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 I never regularly drank any until I started working my current job eight years ago.


 I drank some pretty shitty pot coffee until I bought myself an 'aeropress' coffee maker.. I gotta say, this simple contraption will make you a pretty damn good cup..


 The guys are giving me shit now, as i've become a coffee snob now.. If I start rocking skinny jeans and a cardigan, they have my permission to come kick my ass..


 How do you like your coffee?




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I have a Kurig (spelling?) it was left behind from my dads ex girlfriend. I wouldn't have spent the $120 on it, but I love it. I use the fill it yourself k-cups and I have a bag of Starbucks blonde roast right now. I don't take sugar, but usually some bad ass creamer like french vanilla, baileys, or york peppermint patty.

I like my coffee black just like my metal.

I used those before. I use two packets for a cup.


 I like mine on the strong side with half and half. Plenty of sugar in that for me.


 I like to try diffrent types of coffee. I like the dark sumatra's so far. I found out about ethiopian blends are pretty good too, but have yet to try some out.

I just drink the norm Folders in a can, sometimes Don Fransisco's which is suprisingly good and cheap. I've tried several different expensive coffee makers and always seem to break them within a week so I went back to a generic 12 cup and it works great, I've had it for months now. That's a record.

I do this Indonesian/Ethiopian mixture, and it's the best fucking coffee. Ever. Lots of milk, little sugar. I started drinking the strongest coffee I could get when I started high school. Kept me twitching all the way through school.

Now I work at a cheap cafe, the coffee is so-so. But it's free coffee all day.

And when I'm on the road, it's Tom Horton's. Two creme, half sugar.


I like coffee first thing in the cup and fairly strong. I put International Delight in it. Then I am good until about 5pm, when I start to desire one more cup to finish the day off. I have tried many different kinds....but I grind my own beans. Probably the best coffee maker out there are the Bunn line....but they are more expensive. Enjoy!



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