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I had been growing my hair for about 6 months and it got to the 3 inch mark at about 4 months. After 4 months I decided to let my hair grow.


I'm trying to get a job so I wanted to try to make the hair look normal when it's down, but I could still put it up to look like a mohawk. I thought I would just have to cut the mohawk a little closer in length to the sides and blend it to achieve this look. I tried telling the barber this but I don't know if it's even possible or if the guy just sucks. The back of my hair looks mohawked if you look closely but it still seems like its too close in length to the hair surrounding it. The top of my hair just looks like generic spiked hair with the square shape instead of the pointy shape it used to look like when it was an actual mohawk.

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Yeaahh. thats basically a faux hawk. Sorry to say. ^-^ But its a good thing you can keep a job with it. I still don't know why hair is an issue in this modern day and age.
P.S. Those are before pics. I'll try to get after pics soon.


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