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I have one of those wider mohawks where you make the spikes come together and meet in the middle.

That picture was taken about a month ago, don't mind the facial expression I got a little too drunk that night and was laying facedown on the concrete but that's like the only picture I have of my mohawk before the ones I just took now.

That picture is from today, and I had just gotten it cut on Friday. I don't know but to me it definitely feels like my hair is thinner or does it just look that way because it's hanging down now. It's only at like 2.5-3 inches and the Got2Bglued hair glue can't keep it up anymore. What do you guys think?

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Got2be should hold that up with ease. Is your hair too wet when you begin to apply it? You want your hair semi-dry (if not, dry dry) and then apply it. If its too wet then the hair will fall over and take ages to dry/harden. Dont know what else could be the issue
My hair is perfectly dry when I apply it. Actually for that picture, I used the got2bglued rubber cement. I thought maybe the rubber cement wasn't as strong so I went to the store to get the glue but they didn't have it, they only had the store brand one. I tried that thinking there was no difference but I can definitely tell a difference. The store one has a really annoying smell and takes forever to dry. I think the problem is that the barber shaved off too much on the side especially on the corner of my head. You can see it in the picture. Luckily my hair grows fast, I'll be back in a month and a half, I'll just have to trim the rest down but I don't mind.
You should try: TIGI Bedhead (it comes in a silver tube)

It will also say on the front "Mohawk Spiking Glue"

Anyways... it should work for the length of your mohawk :D

I even use it to help get the back and the crown of my mohawk stiffer when I start putting it up, and my 'hawk is around 7 1/2 - 8 in.
i think it might be to thick and too short, not quite porportional yet. but it should look better when it gets longer. try using a good hairspry and do it one piece at a time starting from the front. hold it up, spray the fuck out of it, then blowdry it. i that doesn't work, idk then.
Make sure you blowdry it waaay more than you think you would need to. Also, you could try a dif hair glue rather than got2be. I used joico spiker for a while not bad at all
I use 2b too in dry hair. Then let it dry a little and use a comb to better make it stand up. My photo doesn't show much, but my hawk is now similar to yours, but is standing out straighter in back. And my hair tends to get curly in back.

I can't tell the difference with the dark lighting of the first photo. It appears that your hawk was taller, but don't think its thinner. Hanging down a little may make it seem thinner. Mine looks thinner when wet or use too much glue.

I prefer close buzzed sides. Makes your hawk stand out better IMO. GH


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