Mohawks Rock

ok so i've notice a lot of kids with fohawks and honestly it makes me want to bash their faces in,

why not grow some balls and get a real mohawk?

i mean i'm the only girl in my school who had enough balls to get one.

any who i just think they should all DIE! :)

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You know how real girly girls say "I had mohawk once" when really they just had their hair up with no shaving? It really really annoys em when you do this:

"I had a mohawk like yours once"

"well your hair grew back nicely!"
"oh, I never shaved it"

"so you mean a fauxhawk?"

For some reason,  people with fauxhawks hate it being called a fauxhawk!

Oh that pisses me off so much. Since I turned 18 I started going out clubbing and everyone and their Mum seems to have "had a mohawk once". Only one guy so far actually had (he showed me a photo and we geeked out on hair products), I think the rest must've done it in the bath with shampoo.

I don't get this from girls much but i get it from guys a lot, especially when there trying to hit on me. Saying they "used to have a mohawk" apparently  makes them feel like  it makes me interested in them. Most of the time they show me a picture and its just a stupid fauxhawk. 

If your going to have a fauxhawk fine but call it a fauxhawk not a Mohawk. 

Really? I get it from girls more often than guys.

Happens to me all the time... for some weird reason everyone needs to tell me how they used to have a mohawk and used to be in a band.

It actually really starts to annoy me now whenever people start conversations with me around that. 

that happens to me ALLLLL the time

its bull shit.

hahaha i had a mohawk as welll..and i shaved and then went for the liberty spikes look..Im soo ass backwards.I shouldve tried the liberty pikes before the mohawk..Oh well..But Id like to have huge spikes one day like bigger than george from the casualties
I think fauxhawks are a good starting off point for a lot of people. It lets them test out the hairstyle before completely committing, because if they don't like it and they already shaved the sides off, you're kind of screwed. I've done the fauxhawk before for "the lulz", but its annoying when people think they're hot shit for having one.
Bottom line being, don't hate on people having fauxhawks, hate on people who have fauxhawks and think they're legit.
As a starting point it's good - I had one for a year before leaving school and shaving the sides. It's when there's no intent to shave the sides (if it looks good) that it's stupid.
I find it equally amusing when those who have "real" hawks think they're the shit for having the style. Its a haircut, it doesn't make you the shit, even retards can have hawks.

imean for a guy its easy for them to just shave it off cause then it wont be weird for them cause guys shave their heads all the time

i understand for a girl to get a fauxhawk before getting a legit mohakws so then if they dont like it they dont have to shave their head

cause honestly how often do you see a girl with a shaved head?

just saying.


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