Mohawks Rock

ok so i've notice a lot of kids with fohawks and honestly it makes me want to bash their faces in,

why not grow some balls and get a real mohawk?

i mean i'm the only girl in my school who had enough balls to get one.

any who i just think they should all DIE! :)

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shut the hell up
you must like my smell you want me to get you a collar and a leash
sure! You wanna suck my dick?
lmao that was original lol grow up,, your a funny child,,,

Agreed.  It all comes down to fitting people into boxes and labeling them nicely, to feel comfortable or in a group.


Sadly(or thankfully!), I never seem to fit in any popular or unpopular boxes and tbh, I've taken a long time accepting who I am and learning to enjoy it for what it's worth.  It's taught me to be more understanding, I guess.


Fauxhawk or shaved sides, well, yeah I know what you're meaning - though I like seeing folk doing both 'cause I think a 'hawk, no matter what, is cooler than none. haha  But that's personal taste, I might think someone would look better in some way, but it really doesn't cause me too much angst or make me want to hit them.  Oh, alright, I will say I sometimes lament someone wearing horrible shoes. ROFL  (Some folk here who know me, will get me there. haha)


I think the folk who treat others poorly because they have a particular haircut, that's the real thing to guard against.  (After all, it's what most of us with mohawks have had to suffer too!)  It's fine to feel pride in your look and enjoy it, just let others do their thing too. =]

Excellent. Agreed.

I didn't read all the posts 'cause I'm too lazy, sorry if I'm just repeating what anyone says.


It's a fucking hairstyle. Get. Over. it.

Maybe they just don't want a fucking mohawk, ever think of that? Maybe they just think a faux would look nice on them, and for some, it looks GREAT. So don't go on about "GROW SUM BAWLZ N SHAVE IT HUR DUR. Maybe they just like fauxhawks.

And really? "The only girl with enough balls to get one"? Maybe you're the only girl who WANTED one.

You don't judge people by their goddamn hairstyle.

/endrant, for now.

Well put.

Do these people have such a lack of personality and character that their hawk is so important? =/


I just have one 'cause I like them as well as "outlandish" hairstyles in general. Not because I "HAVE THE BALLS" or am "TRUE PUNX RAWKZ."


People like the OP over there who bash people because of their hair (or anything they "wear" in general) disgust me. Open up a little. :/

Agreed. I simply love mohawks, i'd like to think people would assume this first and ask questions before they assume im a punk and ask me what it is to be punk and what punk means to me. -__-
When i was in my teens i was so naive, i assumed those who were on the fringe of the mainstream would be more intelligent, have more common sense and more empathy, i was very naive, sadly.

Threads like this get on my nerves but i like to find the silver lining and at least there are a few who feel like you to save me pulling my hair out and starting my hawk fresh, i don't like baby hawks(on me).



No, +90

I always sorta end up with a fauxhawk becuase my hair grows so damned fast... but I always end up cutting it back after a month or two, so I am always inbetween a real hawk or a fauxhawk at one point or another. But I hate when people do the pinned up hawk look with long hair becuase it just seems stupid.


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