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Yeah so about a week ago, I was trying to put my hair up and it wouldn't stay. So I smashed my mirror and left my house to school at 6 in the morning. I left with my hands covered in blood, minor cuts and my mom showed up at school to talk to me. I was wondering why my hair wouldn't stay up, and thought maybe it was because my hair was too clean. I used to wash my hair every night and it wouldn't stay up anymore. I've gotten rid of that problem though, and would like to hear a funny story about your hair :D

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I used to be like that until recently, I edged the sides waaay too matter what I've got definitely knocked me down a couple of pegs.
uggg its so gay. i think i need to grow my hawk wider since its getting so freakish tall
Same here, I'm currently growing it back because over the years I've widdled it down narrower and narrower
every other time i can never get my hair spiked. i dont go punching mirrors but i do punch stuffed bears :) out of joy though haha

my hair is all spaced when i spike it. i haz thin hair :(
yes, ofcourse it pisses me off sometimes, like when it leans to the right or left.
Nothing funny but, I stay and work on my hair until i get it to stay up, but lazy hawks piss me off because mine is all over the place! I HATE LAZYHAWKS, So i just fucking wear a beanie when i dont have it up

edit: I do actually have something frustrating, my hair is really heavy so i have to put like gel and hairspray to get it to stand up. And that middle part of your hawk which is not the top of your head but not the back either, is really fucking hard to get up.
Having thick/heavy hair is kind of more of a reason to kick the gel. Try using just hairspray, it should make it much easier to stand it up.
i dont think ive broken any mirrors or anything lol but once my front spike wouldnt stay up, it kept bending in the middle so i had to wash it and do it again, royally pissed me off lol


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