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A 3 days ago I went over her house when we were still dating, and I let her shave the sides of my head, and I didnt find out until now that she shaved some parts out of the back of my hawk. then the day after I went over her house she broke up with me. Now i know why, but anyways how do you think I could fix it?? Help?

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just shave it narrower, or live with it like that
I guess ill just have to live with it and wait for it to grow back

back in june my hawk got fucked up too. its a little crooked and stuff in the back, but i dont really mind it.  did she do it on purpose?

I have no idea really, but she sure as hell didnt tell me, then the next morning she breaks up with me, fucckkkkk
wow i'm sorry!! what a cunt move.
yeah she waits for me to find out days after she broke up with me, as soon as i saw it, i was like "THAT BITCH!" lol

lol yeah. haha the dude that was helping me trim mine, just stopped for a second and was like, "OH SHIT." hahaha

it cant be that bad...?

well for an example like there is two bald spots near the edge of sides, so it got real thin


lol im thinking how hard can it actually be for people, i did mine a couple times without fucking it up, moment i get someone else to do it they fuck it up and i used to use my mirror to do the back, but now its shattered in the middle so i couldnt get it dont myself

wow, thats really shitty! im sorry!   you'll probably just have to wait for it to grow back :(

i've been doing mine by myself for a while now.

yeah just play the fucking waiting game now ha


I was hoping you were gonna say you broke up with her on account of her fucking up your hawk. I would've been like LOL.

Mate, that's fucking evil :(


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