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A 3 days ago I went over her house when we were still dating, and I let her shave the sides of my head, and I didnt find out until now that she shaved some parts out of the back of my hawk. then the day after I went over her house she broke up with me. Now i know why, but anyways how do you think I could fix it?? Help?

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I always have a really hard time with my mirror and once i dropped the clippers and it like buzzed off part of the hawk but i fixed it i am just lucky my  hawk was to fat to begin with

post a picture?

sounds shitty

I say drug her and shave her fucking head, or sneak into her house and put nair in her shampoo or something hahahaha
yeah lol tooo late now, good idea though haha

cut it off regrow it i no it sucks but if u shave it in from like 1cm of hair ull hav the perfect hawk :) its how ur spozed 2 do it

now u shud take a great lesson from this girls are good for one thing only and thats sucking ur bell not shavin ur head unless they hav a hawk themself or are a trained hair dresser



What about something like the front man from Nekromantix? They kinda cut of the back and left the top like a pompadour/hawk. I know there's a name for it, but i cant remember. I think one of the guys from the koffin kats has one thats sorta like it but a little more hawkish. How clost to the back of your neck are the chunks missing?


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