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So I don't think there is a thread for this, unless I somehow over looked it.

Put your facebook URLs on here for everyone to add you!!

Here's mine

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heh Ah, now you've made me notice I missed the obvious pun: *now that is glassy! =)
haha nice!
got no headphones so can't watch right now, but I'm guessing Anonymous are taking down Facebook? Sounds good to me, when it was the royal wedding in the UK they closed down a ton of activist groups, apparently because the government wanted them to.

Plus I'd love to escape from FB but would have no social life without it ;)
Hah yup always got Google+
Lol make sure you have an invite for it. Since its only limited right now you have to be invited to join.
lol I'll send ya an invite if they shut down facebook. Just need an email address

the government did, and facebook let them/helped.  Which is a pretty arsey thing to do, so I'm not too keen any more ;)

Oh come on is this serious? lol sounds like Microsoft Sam's been smoking too much green.
Please, all anonymous can do nowadays is deliver pizzas. They're harmless.
Hackers my ass. Have you checked it out there recently? A few of my friends and I have literally given out our IP adresses, no one did jack.

And when did anyone mention physical harm? o_O


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