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So I don't think there is a thread for this, unless I somehow over looked it.

Put your facebook URLs on here for everyone to add you!!

Here's mine

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here's me :)!/profile.php?id=1643490028
kay. mine wont work right. so just copy and paste the whole thing rather than clicking the link.
It's weird, I get that with links too, it cuts part out for no apparent reason.!/profile.php?id=761225276

I'm too shy to add anyone D:

Have fun.
D: Aww. I'll add you, you can go in my "Met Online" divider. Worryingly it's getting bigger then the "Met at a Party" one...

Here's me for everyone else:
Yay :P

I have way more friends online than reality. >_>
I'm about even. The online guys I know have a yearly meatspace paintball game too :P
I may finally meet an online friend in November.
I'm scared shitless though LOL. I'm insanely socially awkward. D:
It's not that bad. Weird for a few minutes because it's someone from the internet, but in the real world. After that the awkwardness just disappears :)


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