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I find it interesting that people can spike and can't fan. I personally have it backwards. I only learned to fan, and spiking is really difficult for me. I have to have my girlfriend do it, and that takes like 40 minutes because she isnt really used to spiking hair and everytime its like a learning experience, ha. what are your guys bad experiences with either spiking or fanning?

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back in the day when i had my first hawk i spiked it for a party and i used a type of epoxy for hair.. that was the only time i have ever been able to spike my hawk.. i can fan it quick and easy but i cant spike it for the life of me! i dont know why XD
With pomade it can take about 30 seconds either way.
I think ultimately, fanning is more difficult. Altough spiking seems to have more of a dazzling effect on those not-in-the-know, rawkers themselves appreciate the skill that goes into a great fan.

I've only done liberty spikes 4 times to date, using the Povian method (of course!) and it takes soo long! although the way i fan mine it's pretty much the same except instead of holding the hair up in a spike and spraying the hell out of it I hold it up in a fan, then when I've done 2 sections I just sorta pull them together.


Fanning all the way, Spikes are just for special occasions for me!

Im good at fanning, spiking is impossible for me

I alwasy do liberty spikes. I used to fan it when it was alot shorter but i havent tried in along time 

When my hair is like 7 inches or longer i have trouble fanning so i would usually spike it. and when i first got it, i could only spike it probably cause it was so long but still i was a huge newb.

when its shorter like idk 4-6 inches i can fan it. i like to fan it a lot more, it looks better for me. i think its easier too, i fuck up spiking a lot..

my skills are equally matched on both. 

I've had my mohawk for years and still can't do either and when I try I fail so miserably I end up just giving up. Now I just leave it off to the side or pinned back all lazy like...


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