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What's your favourite movie? And if it's too hard to decide, then list your top 5 (or 10) favourite movies. My top five at the moment are Psycho (1960), Invasion of the body snatchers, This is england, The crow, and The birds

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UHF (full movie here). Great movie that just makes you wanna laugh!

I'll watch it now :D

I have a lot, I can't even choose, you know. I can't make a top 10, only a top the-number-of-good-films-I've-ever-seen!

But I guess I'll try to write down some of them:
Movies about 2nd World War, This Is England (the movie and the following series), 28 Days/Weeks Later, Wrong Turn, Boy A, SLC Punk, Green Street Hooligans, Rompa Stompa, A Clockwork Orange... and I could continue.

War films, punk films, skin films, zombie/infection films, film where they're speaking British. Yeahh!

Yeah zombie films are awesome :) Although- I have only seen a few of the movies you listed, and I'll be sure to check out the other ones.

While I have many, Revolver w/ Jason Statham and Ray Liotta, directed by Guy Ritchie is one of my new favorites.  It is a pretty polarizing movie in that most people either hate it or love it.  If you watch it, prepare to think about it far deeper than just being a gangster flick.  This isn't one you want to half pay attention to as you watch it, and you may want to plan to re-watch it again after you start to figure out what all of the different characters represent.

Sounds great- I will be sure to check it out :)

Not in any order, die hard, train spotting, lotr, saw, cabin in the woods, the avengers assemble/y, the scooby doo films, bucket list, and forest gump

I havn't seen any of them except for the Saw series, and one or two of the scooby doo fims :P

The first Alien film.  I think it'll always strike me as a classic, since it doesn't follow the standard plots and contains such a wealth of detail.  Cleverly paced with bursts of hectic action and twists of character that hint at a much greater conspiracy behind the path of the Nostromo.


The alien & ship design had so many details, with great use of shadow & lighting, steam and moisture to create a visceral tension in scenes.  Even the cat was well acted!


Some of the things I loved about it were the both fast and slow actions of the alien - it was menacing and yet, rarely seen clearly, until the end.  Though later showings on TV/video brightened it up, when I first saw it the film was much more scary for being dark - not being able to quite make out a lot of it added a lot of suspense.


I'm looking forward to seeing the prequel that just came out. :)  'The Navigator' creature was always a puzzle to me and my friends and I spent many a time discussing what & how it tied in with the Alien.  Was it carrying the Alien eggs as cargo?  Or had it picked up an alien by accident and been infected?  Mmm...soon I'll find out perhaps.

It's weird, I know, but I havn't seen the first Alien film, or any of them, to be honest. But by the way you describe it, it sounds like a well-made movie :) 

@Invasion of the body snatchers:  Which version?  I never really liked the 1978 one - it kinda disturbed me. heh  Especially the ending with the haunting cry & face (which could be argued meant it did it's job well!).  For a film with mostly just actors playing double roles, it was surprisingly effective in creating an atmosphere.

I ment the 1950's black and white version- it is full of suspence, and was brilliantly directed; it was very good for its time. The great thing about the movie is that it dosn't beat about the bush- it leaps straight into the action :D You should really check it out;

Here is a full version of the movie- 



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