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So I have wanted to try out some sort of hawk for along time but my ex thought it was stupid so I didnt bother. Now im with someone that dosnt care as long as im happy but now im at a loss for what would look good on sister always told me I look bad with bangs but I want some sort of bangs to keep a girlish look, but i have seen cute pictures with short bangs in the front but long on the sides, or just long bangs all around but parted to the sides. oh and i suck at most girl type styling so is it hard to maintain a decent look with a hawk up or down....*sigh* i should probably just shut up and do it lol its just hair i suppose. 

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Why don't you start with a Chelsea Hawk? Shave the sides to say a #2 and you will have the front bangs with the Chelsea. Look at some of the pics on this Site of Chelseas and see what you think. Take a few pics to the hairdresser when you go so he/she has an idea of what you want.

Enjoy your new hawk!! :-)

Agreed Chelsea Hawk ftw

I have been checking out some of the chelsea hawk pictures, Was just stuck on what kind of bangs...think I decided on the long bangs parted in the middle so they hang off to both sides....I have a lot of hair to chop off so Im thinking im going to see if i can donate it to one of those hair charity places.....and finding a hair dresser in this place that wont fuck it up lol 

So cool......Chelseas are nice Hawks! Post some pics as soon as you get it! :-)

I'll show a picture of my hair. Just as, to show you. I was in the same place as you. I had really wanted a mohawk/chelsea hawk for awhile, i was dating a guy who said it would be terrible at the time so i broke up with him. because obvs he didnt like me that much. So then after awhile, after that, i finally just randomly one day found myself at my friends haircut store and told her, give me a chelsea hawk. I had to show her online what it was lol cause she didnt know. I was afraid. With my head shape, i thought it would look terrible but i decided hey punk rock who cares its not perfect right? well it ended up being perfect for me. I love my mohawk now. Sometimes you just need to go for it, dive in. Let go of the worry. If you dont like it, dont put it up and your hair will grow out. Its just hair anyways! do it! Anyways, my "bangs" are long and not really bangs... just to the side. OH and i use elmers glue and freezespray now.  so anyways, no matter what, when you first get it you will prob have to play with it a lot and get used to putting up. might not be so good the firdt few times, but you just need practice and getting used to it. 

lol thanks, Once i get some money set aside and find a salon or whatever that has someone who at least kinda knows what there doing I'm just gonna go for it...Someone at work asked me why I would do something like that and I had the same response....its just hair if it looks bad it'll grow back :)

Hawks never look bad so you are safe there....but just check out the pics on this Site, use the Search Field to narrow down the pics you are after, and print the ones you like off and take them with you to your hairdresser when you go. That always helps a lot. But don't wait too long! :-)

 do it

This ^ always makes it easier!  I second the 'Just do it!' =D

(@OP: It's good you're with someone who respects what you like now. :) )

indeed! its nice to have someone that encourages my weirdness lol 

I did it! Still havnt tried to put it up yet, they didnt have the right stuff to make it stay up right so she just teased it and stuff while it was down and I love it, and my husband loves it ^_^ might try to get it up today 

Go for the Chelsea's a Mohawk with bangs....cut the sides shorter....say a #2 or #3 to start until you are comfortable with the new look, then you can always shave them more if you want! :-)


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