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i want to get a piercing, and since everyone seems to have snakebites and gauges I'm going to ask the internet what other piercings would look good on me. So, look at my pictures and feel free to tell me what you think would be a good piercing for me.

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dude i had mine done and for months and months it never healed. finally just had to say fuck it and take it out. completely depends on the person for healing time. *sigh* i miss it though lol
lol thanks for the advice
septum for sure would look good
sounds good
No septum. That piercing is for bulls and should stay that way. Septum's are just plain ugly. Get your tongue done. I hear it works well for the ladies.
As far as I have ever see, depending on the size of a tounge stud they can make you talk like an idiot. Get the septum.


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