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Teach me howwwww!!! I think my hair is much too long to have a functioning fan hawk, so I think a fluffy one would be my next best option. Are there any old pros out there that can give me some tips and tricks?

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You may be surprised how you can manage to fan long hawks.. it just takes practice. But, basic death hawk instructions: tease the ever loving hell out of it! this is how to backcomb a death hawk, and this is how to finish it off

luckily for me my hair is really thick soo it just stands up on its on...but in 1 big puff like janelle monae's mohawk


and back combing doesnt hurt


It does for people with sensitive heads..
I use (made from the inserts of a box of Pop and cut to the shape of my skull) this! You will also need a comb,hairdryer ,and a mirror positioned behind the you as you do both sides , just repeat for the other side ! It takes practice but yields strait and awesome hawks!

Hold said hawk board with one hand 

use comb with other hand 


place one side of hawk on board then proceed to comb out a pattern you might like

hair-spray bottom of hawk (foundation strengthening) ,then repeat on the side of hawk placing board to other side.


hope this helps ya!  

I use a med/fine comb and just backcomb small sections spraying as I go, it's much easier to me than the traditional method of using a comb and having to hold up larger sections, spray, dry and hope it all sticks together haha


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