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I reckon it's about time for another forum game!

"You've been BANNED!" is a light-hearted game about "banning" the person above you for whatever reason you deem.  It can have something to do with their user profile pic, maybe something they've done elsewhere on the site, or for whatever reason you've now decreed is unacceptable!

Note: this isn't meant to be taken seriously, haha, just for fun.

Username: (has a picture of a neon yellow mohawk)
Next_Person:  Username has been BANNED for having a mohawk so bright it burns my eyes!
Random_Girl:  Next_Person has been BANNED for not wearing sunglasses!  No wonder your eyes burned.
Som3Dud3:  Random_Girl has been BANNED for being random!  We need order in this thread!

And we carry on!  I've played this in other forums, so figured we might have fun with it.  If you've been "banned," that doesn't mean you can't continue playing.  After all, it's not a real "ban."  ;)

I'll start us off!

... well, wait, I can't ban anyone since I started this game.  >:[

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Well, I'll start I guess.....I hope I know what I'm doing.
Jae is BANNED because her Hawks are wayyyyyy too perfect all the time and they make me jealous!!
DantheHawkMan is BANNED because his dedication to this site is so much it makes me feel bad I can't dedicate to the site that much.

Jae is banned for having such a glorious mohawk

xXOzzykid169Xx is BANNED because he said what I said!

DantheHawkMan is BANNED for nick references to cheesy Flash Gordon movie characters from the 80s!

Milly is BANNED because her teeth are so darn white and she doesn't have to even work at it to keep them white and I can't get mine to come that white no matter how! :-(


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