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i hate how stupid and sheepish people can be. if a rumor goes around,  the gp eats it up,m spreads it around, and fucks with other poeple. and im not just talking about the "mainstream" kiddies, im actually mainly talking about groups of "punks". they say they stand for equality and anti-bigotry. but thats not how it really is, they get a first impression(no matter how warped or incorrect) then they base there whole perception of you on that.   if you dont hve a get in ur face jackass attitude your not one of them. i dont want to be one of them because they are the same as everybody else.. they talk shit like everybodyelse, they are irrational like everybody else, and i despise them like pretty much everbody else

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 I know what you mean, but not the "punk" part. You see, I have many different types of friends. There is a group that says," Oh don't worry, I don't judge anyone until I actually get to know them." When really that's a load of horse shit. They talk shit ALL THE TIME. It's frustrating, you know? 

 The "punks" around here are pretty chill. We don't really talk shit about anyone except for 1) Certain police officers we have encountered  2) Authority Figures (Teachers, Principle, probation officers, ect....)   3) Certain people in our group of friends, but we talk about them when they're right there. Sometimes we do talk about them when they're not there, but it's usually only a sentence because everyone's like," Okay this is not worth my time," and moves on. We usually find something interesting to talk about, other than gossip. Sometimes we bring up rumors(about ourselves), but it's only to laugh at them.  Also everyone gets a first impression of someone, just some don't treat you differently on their first impression, or think that's actually the real you. See, I get first impressions of people, everyone does. I just don't act differently towards them or think badly of them without getting to know them first. 

 So, if you say that you don't get a first impression, you are a liar. 

i didnt say i dont get a first impression. the point im trying to get across is when they sum up a person on the first impression and then let it last.  and im talking about the people that talk shit to there buddies about how they want to fight me or some shit, make sure everybody knows, and then not even do it. im not saying the people where you are at are like this. im not even saying that all of them here are like that. im talking about a specific group of people.
dude  we got dicks to fuck....

Yes, it's simplistic group mentality and I get tired of people expecting you to think(or like) things they think you should 'cause of their false preconceptions or to fit in with their clique.  And it's very hypocritical in "punks".


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