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My TV finally stopped working after having it for years.. it's pretty fucking huge and old style so seriously heavy but I want to destroy it in the most awesome way possible, you guys seem like a crazy bunch of cunts, ideas? chuck it out the window seems to be the most popular thing haha

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I'm gonna need some more TVs..

Combine 50% aluminum laurate, 25% wt. aluminum naphthenate, and 25% aluminum oleate (aluminium stearate soap) with an equal amount of gas, drill a large hole in the top of the T.V. and set it far away from anything else, in a CLEARED OUT area. Pour this through the hole and shoot at it from a VERY far distance.... O_o


Er you could go the cheap and easy method, combining equal parts of Gasoline and Styrofoam. (VERY CAREFULLY: Throw a dash of benzene, gun powder, powdered aluminum, er white phosphorus in the mixture if you can get yer hands on it; magnesium works too, and can be found as a dietary supplement in most health stores)....


Yer lookin' at a fire of over 2,000 degrees, AKA... A GOOD TIME TO BE HAD BY ALL!!!

Holy shit that's some real fight club info you got there haha
Haha! Not really... Fight Club tries to say that you can pull it off with Gasoline and Orange Juice Concentrate, which won't actually work... o_O Hehee!

Sweet, I was hoping you'd reply to this thread after seeing the picture with the burnin' sofa haha

And go check those videos :)

Eat it
baseball bat !!
Kick it in! =)


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