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I got the pictures in the "Attached Files" below.

The first picture is me, I fanned my hair into a tri-fauxhawk with Imperial Leather Soap, waited for it to dry a bit and broke up the 'hawks to cover my whole head.

Problem I had was that my hair is mildly curly at the ends and the individual hair spikes would turn into a question mark shape if I didn't do it just right.

The second picture is what I was going for. I messaged the guy and he just said "hairspray," which doesn't help me a whole lot. 

3rd picture is just about the same as the other 2, you can can kinda see a difference. Would also enjoy doing my hair like this.

Anybody know a better way to do this, products and/or methods?

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I would just try to saturate your hair with hairspray, let it harden just a little, then blow dry it upside down and brush it up to get it more even. And I would say use a heavier hold hairspray like got2be instead of a more flexible(what I prefer)

And try the keratin shampoo!!

I tried that, the curly factor came into play.

My current game plan is to put aloe vera in my hair to straighten it. If you put aloe in wet hair, let it harden, then comb it out your hair comes out straight. Seems like it would make it heavy but I didn't think so when I tried it. I got a couple other tricks up my sleeve I've learned since I went back to the 'hawk.

by "I tried that" I mean the hairspray, not the shampoo

Well, at least the second picture guy replied...*deja vu*

Can't offer any ideas though - the curly factor is likely to win after it dries and air moisture hits for a while.

That might depend on what product I use. I went to Halloween Horror Nights with my hair spiked like in the first picture with soap, it stayed up after rain, roller-coasters, and drunk people having water fights with their $10 beers. 

I used one product that did what you described, it was called "Axe Charged Up Putty," stayed up for about an hour before I looked like a character from Jersey Shore

Well, like the guy said "hairspray" is the way, the G2G Freeze hairspray works perfectly for that kind of spiking. (yello bottle that looks like an air horn, walgreens, CVS) thats all i got for ya.

I can see how it would work, but I'm trying to use stuff that doesn't require a hair dryer to spike up, mainly because I'm impatient due to many years of instant-heat noodles and live stream TV

Are those guys in the second and third pics members here?

I'm not sure how well it would work, but what about trying a hair molding wax? Something like FX Special Effects Molding Wax or something similar. Don't use whole lot but maybe just a small amount at the roots to just get your hair started, going in the general direction you want. Then use hairspray followed by some hair glue on the very tips to sraighten out and harden the ends.

No, I honestly forgot how I even know them. I just remember waking up with them in my phone coughing up vomit and stripper glitter. 

Wax is kinda heavy, I've used it once but should probably try other brands

To straighten your hair you could always comb it and blow dry it when you get out of the shower or something. I used to have curly hair until I started combing my hair keeping it flat and straight and blow drying it. I also dyed the fuck out of it so that also helped in my factor. I never tried this but the second picture looked like he might've gotten help. It just seems too much of a grueling process to me. You say you don't want to use a blow dryer but if you just give your hair a quick spray and just do a quick dry that might work. It just seems like this type if hairstyle would take a while to get it done right.

I have given it some thought and the last dude probably just put some pomade or whatever on his hands and comb it through his hair via that way. You could always do that on a sunny day and sit out in the sun to let it dry.

I've heard people say they used "Murrays pomade" for liberty spikes before, might be worth checking out!


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