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How do people fix their hawk, so it looks light and feathery?

I have had my mohawk for a while now and I am getting tired of it always being hard and looking stiff. I don't mind it, but I love how some girls keep it looking like they woke up to it looking awesome. I naturally use Aquanet first, then got2be.


So any suggestions?

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Sounds easy enough, thank you.
Put it up then comb it out, give it a light spray with a flexible hold hairspray to keep up any fallen bits. Or put it up and wait a few days :p
Hahaha, atleast there is a plan for those lazy days where I don't feel like washing all of the crap out of my hair. :D
Worked for me :p gotta have a medium length or shorter hawk to pull it off without teasing though

Day 1:

Day 3:
Ahhh that would be it. I use bed was hard head hairspray :) no flaking. My hair is no longer that short, it was only when I was growing it out after I shaved my head. But I know alot of people keep medium length hawks and it could work for them ^.^


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