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every time i walk through a door it completely messes up my har and i have to make a big song and dance to fix it :(

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if it hits the top it never messes it up, it shoots right back to where it was. but the majority of the time i bend my head a little.
Protip: duck.
Agreed. Crawl if necessary.
use flexible hold hairspray. it will give you the spring you need for your hair to bounce right back into place whenever something touches it. overtime, moving to accommodate your hair becomes a natural instinct, at least it has for me. when im going under something, through a door way, etc its a natural reflex to tilt my head slightly to make sure my hair clears the obstacle ^.^
By being short.
yep yep...still have issues in the car, tho.
First I open the door...always helps.
Duck, simple as.
Or try being a bit shorter?
I just walk right thru. My mohawk is like a fucking chainsaw when its a foot long and it just shreds the door =)
lol, you must deal with lots of pissed off people who want you to buy them a new doorframe XD
i have never had a problem with doors, and i am not all that short 5'7" or 5'8". and my hawk isn't tiny either, it's probably around 8" now. i do have a problem with cars though, if i am driving i have to open my moon roof, but if someone else is driving i just tilt my head to the side or lean the seat wayyy back.


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