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A topic which quite fasinates me and I think this is the most appropriate place to post this, is how much body modification is too much? Of course it really only boils down to personal opinion and not such a conclusive discussion but I'd really like to hear you guy's opinion on it.

At the moment I think I can honestly say I don't think anything's 'Too much' or 'Over the top' because it is for the person to decide what they want to do, that said I can't help look at something like face implants etc and I kinda wanna look the other way, but I still stick to my statement. I work with a guy who used to have all the supersized stuff like tunnels, nose tunnels, face tattoos etc and he thinks it's all about where you come from and what's socially acceptable around your area, which seems about right and it's coming from the right kinda guy!

Also, there is an issue which I can't quite nail how to put it down in words but basically I think that when people feel they need to get plastic surgery to look/feel 'more beautiful' I am a little bit upset because I (and most of the human race) really do love people for being naturally who they are, without the £££ price tag and painful surgery. Although some consider it as our generations version of make-up, I really don't think with the above mentioned it is at all the same thing. ANYWAY What I'm trying to get at here is 'Is it the same thing?' Like, I really disagree with cosmentic surgery to fit a mould, but not if it's a mould that's not been done before.. Oh I dunno that sounds shit but let's see how best you can phrase it.

I also noticed it's a progressional thing, stretched ears now are becoming more and more common/acceptable whereas a few decades back most piercings where about as rare as face tattoos are now.


Thankyou for reading and I look forward to hearing you wonderful people's slating of my self-contradictory veiws!! I really do suck at writing but I think I half conveyed the point here.. well... sort of.

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I am not convinced by this guy at all. I watched a few interviews with him and I just think he's doing the cat thing all wrong. Just because he looks slightly like a cat doesn't mean he is actually any closer to being a cat. I think it's kinda the sex change thing but instead of changing sex he wants to change species. When people want to change gender but can't do it for whatever reason they just dress & more importantly act in the way they would like to to feel more comfortable. What a cat looks like is barely anything to do with what a cat is if you get me. Nah I think i'd be more cool with his body mod if he actually had a viable reason for doing it. Not that it should matter to him whether I'm cool with it but still, I don't think I like him very much.

Alot of people know their tattoo artist, or know someone who is a very talented apprentice. My brother's tattoo artist does all his work from his house, and charges very little. For the most part, you're just covering your ink fees, and maybe like a pack of smokes for him.
that's pretty lucky, but I see a fair few extremely skilled tattoos that you can't really just get off a mate because once they get to a certain quality they gotta be selling it. also stuff like extreme body mods that look quite complicated/experimental and would definitley need a proffesional to carry out.

meh, whatever floats your boat.


their bodies their choices, as long as you aren't hurting others i dont really care what you do. 

just dont get pissy when i stare at you with a "what the fuck" expression on my face.

years ago i started with lobe metal....then my chick from back then got me my nostril pierced one side for my bday an then after that she got me my nips pierced.... then i wond up getting my septem done...and really started to get into it.....espacially when people looked at me like i was shit....i figured fuck em.  now i got more shit in my an ink too...but what was koo still be on my people driving past me would look at me an shake their head...then we stop at a traffic get off my bike...pull off my beater an theyd see my big assed nip metal.....

i now got my lobes to 1 inch, both nostrils pierced an now stretched to 00gu, septum, 3 lower lip rings at 6gu, nips at 6 gu, PA at 2gu, frenum at 8 gu an my ball bag is at 4 gu.    


after a while i got into tats an now got some fuckn killer tats....theres never to much

haha I love that you actually go show them your nip peircing aswell
its all in a persons prefrence and how they see themselves i dont think it should matter what others think about you just what  you think and if you dont like what yopu see then change t

just gotta add on the amputating part. theres a disorder where the person feels like that part of their body just doesnt feel like its their own. so some go as far as to get it removed (foot, arm, hand) and after they do they are so happy that it is gone and live perfectly normal lifes without it. 

id say that to far for me is when i have to remember to avoid such piercing. like i had my industrial bar thing. i fucking hated it after 3 months. every time id take my shirt off it would catch it. 

so i stick with the easy piercings like lip, nose, and ear lobes

other mods are just fine to me. if they want it then its cool. i love to see people do mods that not many others have. like stretched ears are boring as hell to me. yeah i have my ears at a 2 , but i wear captive bead loops that are heavy as hell. and  i love them. plus have 3 more loops going up my ear. sizes are 8, 10, and 12. 

i agree with all of that. its sad to see someone afraid of getting old. yeah im not going to like it only if i cant be as mobile as i am now. thats about it lol

I don't think many folk enjoy getting older, so you've got a great attitude to have now about it.


I don't see anything wrong with people changing the way they look based on what they want to look like - for themselves.  However, obviously a lot of people/celebrities/models will feel pressured by the social & media conception of beauty for their place in society or with peers.


That's the pity, it's another fitting into an expectation/stereotype for them - but then, the same happens for many people that change themselves to fit in with what the stereotypes of 'punk' are.  For most people, they feel most comfortable fitting in somewhere.   Whether that's with a big or small group of peers.  As long as they're happy and don't suggest others fit what they expect too, I guess it doesn't really matter.  It's just a shame social or peer pressure is so insidious by nature and causes such anguish.


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