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Is it just me or do alot of people have to deal with bullshit from their family? Like if your a vegetarian and they try and shove meat in your face. Or say they just interrogate you with all these bullshit questions. Or if you wanna fucking shave your head into a mohawk and your bitch ass mother wont let you because its  "innapropriate". Am i the only one that has had to deal with a bullshit family? TIME TO VENT PEOPLE!

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Well the hair has always been disliked by my family, but I don't really give a shit about that.
I just hate how all/most of 'em have & follow their idea of "normal" and they constantly say the same shit all the time:
"Don't you want to look normal? You stick out like a sore thumb. People are going to judge you."
GEE REALLY, I totally didn't fucking know that. That's the whole point, dumbasses. I don't want to be a fucking sheep trying to fit in with the crowd.

/rantmode disengage.
i ALWAYS get told i look like a sore thumb,
at least i dont show off my body like every other girl out there!
big comfortable t-shirts for life!
Exactly! They should be happy, not bitching.
It didn't bother me the first time, but I hate when people repeat themselves a million times, and I hate doing it myself. What makes it worse is they know that, yet they still do it, and then they get pissed off 'cause I "talked back" or "raised my voice" or "talked to them like that."
YEA I KNOW! its like well excuse fucking me for defending myself! I'm only doing what you would do if you were in my place you fucking cunt! They say stupid bullshit things like, "dont get defensive" or "im not trying to cause an arguement" well your not doing a great job of preventing one either! Here i am just trying to be myself and then you guys come over here and pretty much critisize me for it.
Exactly! And my mom's always told me to be myself and not care what anyone else thinks, and now that I am I get shit. Wtf sense does that make
my mom has said that too! "dont let anybody bring you down" "dont argue with family!" geez lady get your story straight! my family is full of grade A assholes. and its fucking dumb cuz my some of my uncles grew up in the same punk rock scene! like ohkay your hypocritical bastard! you rocked a hawk back in your day too!
Jesus shit, that sucks ass.
No one in my family's rocked a hawk or anything, and that's to why they hate it so much. Because they're too fucking narrow minded and aren't open to anything that'd come off as "different" or "unusual" or "ABNORMAL" to them.
Probably don't want an "ABNORMAL" child either because you know, what people think about me and my siblings matters to THEM even though they tell US not to worry about that shit ourselves.
dude i understand completely. my family is sssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo close minded. i couldnt even tell you how many times i have stood up for gay marriage to them (im not a lesbian i just believe in equality for all, hell, im not even bi) i'm in the tenth grade and i told my aunt im gonna take criminal law and shes like, "thats so depressing!!! why would you think about such a horrible thing" well im sorry im not a fucking stoner like you were when you were my age! at least im trying to be myself and not conform like every other person you see walking down the street. its like open your eyes just a little and maybe you could even try to understan where im coming from
fuckn rite...its our lives. they fucked up have its our life FUCK EM HARD we do what we want when we want
My parents stopped with the "looking normal" thing and left me to it when Mum asked if I'll ever grow my hair and be normal again and they saw how much it upset me. It was more that my parents didn't seem to accept me than not being normal, if anyone else said it then I wouldn't have cared.
I agree with that last part.


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