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Is it just me or do alot of people have to deal with bullshit from their family? Like if your a vegetarian and they try and shove meat in your face. Or say they just interrogate you with all these bullshit questions. Or if you wanna fucking shave your head into a mohawk and your bitch ass mother wont let you because its  "innapropriate". Am i the only one that has had to deal with a bullshit family? TIME TO VENT PEOPLE!

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I think it depends, what is a real problem in a family? I know that me and my mother couldn't talk because we couln't understad eatchother. I do not have any contact with my father, who's a alcoholic psycko ... But now I can't say that I do have any problems because me and my mom don't really talk to eatchother anymore because of the fight we've been having. I don't really need to talk to her anyway, I've got my sister and my brother to help me out and listens to me when I talk. Shure, every one does fight with someone in their family, but like a friend of mine has his family who's calling him things like he was a misstake, his going to be kicked out right after he's done with school, and so on. This is true, I've heard his mother when she SCREAMED outside his room, she was "going to tell him a couple of things". I have another friend who said that she's got problems at home, she doesn't feel any love from her parents ... I cannot tell if that's true or not, she's being spoiled, getting everything she's pointing at FOR REAL! Maybe she's feeling this way, her parents might be showing their love in a material way. I'm feeling unprishiated for the things I do at home, cleaning the bathroom, does the dishes, but I do feel loved. The past is the past, I'm just moving on with my life, in February I'll get an apartment, I'll live there with my brother because my mom can't afford to pay our apartment we're having now. That's a little frightning, but I'll get it! ^^


(I don't think that you're immature because you're talking about problems at home, on the internet you're kind of anonymous)

thank you. and seriously, it is pretty anonymous. i mean like who on this site knows each other?

and for anyone to think its immature, definately has problems.

people are so judgmental is sickening

dude...what are you fucking 13 or something if you want to shave your fucking head then shave it. shave it like you r hairless balls and rock out. and if they try to shove meat in your face take it down to the shaft and slap them with it. come on dude shave your head grow some balls and man up what are you liveing in the basement playing D&D. if you don't like the way things are going then leave pack a back pack and go somewhere that you can do what ever you want. stop being such a bitch life isnt all about you. insted of crying about eating meat n shit b fucking thankfull u have food and insted of complaining about your hair be happy u dont have cancer. go explore the world for a while and find out what really matters to you. stop making up problems for yourself that really dont matter.


but i guess it all depends on the persons family. i mean

i feel like i owe alot to my grandmother. like way more than i could explain but she accepts me. so, im kinda goin with the flow now

my family/friends/community love my hair. i've had it for 6 years now and most of the people i know have only known me with it. so i think the change back would be like your story was but reversed. and to be honest with you i've never encountered a lot of people giving me shit for it. some random comments while walking beside me just makes me laugh hysterically. and truly those insults hold no value to me since they are based off of nothing. so i guess i've had it pretty good as far as most peoples standards.

i understand about the side comments

they make me laugh to cuz how could it not be accepting.

I've had shit from my family about some stuff.  The androgyny thing they don't get (my friends use "it" as my pronoun).  Never got shit for the punk thing though, they think it suits me.  My Mam even keeps my mohican neat.
Mostly religious and homophobia in my family. Over the years, we've learned to just avoid those topics. They agreed to the truce because they know how quickly I will completely lose my shit if they bring it up, and they know I'm better at debating than they are, and have researched this stuff more than they have. I even know ways to use their own religious views against them, because I was raised in their religion. I agreed to it because despite their bullshit views, I really do care about them and love them. They seem to be trying at least a little (my dad recently decided he's for gay marriage, even though he still opposes homosexuality, I see it as a step in the right direction). I really do just love my family and want to do what I can to keep them in my life.

Moving out by the way was the best choice I ever made in regards to my relationship with my family. I can live however I want and can hang up if they disagree. To the youngsters, hang in there. It generally gets easier when you get older a bit.


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