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Is it just me or do alot of people have to deal with bullshit from their family? Like if your a vegetarian and they try and shove meat in your face. Or say they just interrogate you with all these bullshit questions. Or if you wanna fucking shave your head into a mohawk and your bitch ass mother wont let you because its  "innapropriate". Am i the only one that has had to deal with a bullshit family? TIME TO VENT PEOPLE!

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How many wouldn't give a flying flaming shitfuck if their parent(s) kicked the bucket?? For whom would it be a big ass party!!
dude it bee a fuckn hell of a fuckn party man hell yea
my family really doesn't like the fact that my face is pierced up and i spike my hair and wear eyeliner...when we argue sometimes they call me a faggit and i do hate that shit and i do i agree i hate that my fam wants me to live under there norm...i live under whats comfortable which has become a pretty normal life to live...i don't mind enjoying my music and showing my pride and expressing myself through appearance..and i do stereotype as a punk and so fukn what
dude its yoru life man never fuckn forget it bro
you shouldnt EVER stereotype!
because when you do it just gives people the right away to make more fucking fun of you
let other people stereotype you
when people always ask me what my style is i always say my own
Fucking amen to that.
thank you
stereotyping is the worst thing anybody ever thought of for the way you look

bumping this thread because I'm sure theres some people who would like to vent and don't go any further than page 1. 

me and my whole family grew up in Detroit, Michigan. For those of you who don't live in america, its where we used to make cars until the american populace decided to start sucking hondas dick.Moving on; my parents lived in a tent when I was born, so we moved in with my moms parents/aunts/uncles/nephews/nieces. About 15 years later (long story short) my dad got a job in florida and my aunt kept calling saying "oooh, no snow or dirt everywhere? Maybe Michael (my cousin) can get a job in a factory there!" 6 years later, she's still calling me and my mom to see if any factories have a position open. 

I don't think she realizes there are no factories down here T.T


dumb family?

Yea, thats one word for it

Yeah, I used to have problems with my family when I was younger.  Just like you said, trying to get me to eat meat again - just once, my mum tried serving it in spaghetti bolognese, but I detected it wasn't veggie-mince and didn't eat it after a forkful.  Never happened again - probably I went off my head a bit. haha  Can't remember.


But yeah, I used to get interrogated a bit by one of my older brothers too about what I did and that.  Had quite a few problems with him but eventually it all ironed out and we now get on fine.


The mohawk, well, yeah my folks and siblings were always worried for me and we had lots of debates over it, but what could they do?  Luckily, my family are pretty reasonable and although we could fall out for a day, there wasn't really anything they could do about it.

my family used to strongly object to my appearance, but now they're not so bad anymore. as long as i don't put my mohawk up at home, then they're okay with it. on the occasion that i do come home with my hair up, they make all these comments that make it seem like i'm really hurt or really ugly or something.. "oohhhh.... courtney..... oh no..."


my dad keeps bugging me about growing my hair back. the other day he felt the side of my head and was like "oh! it's growing in! great, are you going to keep growing it?" and im like "no... dad, i have a mohawk. you shave the sides of your head when you have a mohawk..."


they're really conservative people. they care about me a lot, but oh man, its just constant nagging from them. they're always telling me to get a better job, spend my money better, "start growing up" and im like "seriously? i'm 21 and i think i'm doing pretty well for myself; i mean, i graduated college, have had a steady job for the past five years, own my own car, pay for everything myself..."


my brother definitely isnt a fan of my hair. i showed him this awesome picture of my hair silhouetted in the stage lights at a show i was helping with and all he said was "ew.."


ugh. i'd rant more, but my keyboard is really broken and it already took me forever to type this...


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