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well i have everything ready to make a deathawk

but i dont know how to put it up

any tips??


also.. i have 2 hairsprays -tresemme and hold it

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start up front. pull all of your hair back except for your starting section. use a very fine toothed comb (and if you have thicker hair use a metal comb, for christsake!), hold that section up and, starting at the roots, comb backward..toward your scalp. you'll feel the comb start to resist going through, that's because you are creating a system of knotts that will be the base for your deathhawk. keep coming backward, all the way untill you've finished the top of the section, then move on the the next. when you pull the next strand, comb it (backward) into the first and so on and so on untill you've gone all the way down the back of your head. really, if you do it right, you don't need any hairspray at all to stand it up, it does it on it's own. but a light spritz doesn't hurt, for prosperity's sake ;). let me know if this wasn't thurough enough, or if i should elaborate more


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