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First of all I hate having to use the phrase "How to make ______ punkier" but it's the easiest way to ask my question. I have two hollister shirts I got as a gift a couple of months ago and I've run out of shirts so I wanted to wear them. They're both bright colors, one is yellow and the other is green, and one has words stitched on it so I could just take them off and add something else but the other one has the words like ironed on it or something. Any ideas on how to them less preppy and more punk

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 I would just wear the shirts in their unmolested state. Your attire would have something ironic added. Kinda like when Johnny Ramone would wear those Micky Mouse t-shirts with his perfecto biker jacket.


 I had a FUBU sweatshirt I wore unabashfully. It might have raised some eyebrows.. but fuck it, that hooded sweater fit pretty nice!


 Being punk doesnt mean being 'oh so hardcore' all the time..

Cut them in to strips. Sew the strips together, making it a home made striped shirt. Make sure that you cut the strips so neither of them have logos.


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