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I'm a masive fan of Crass and the Exploited to bands that should never ever play together, so i just want to know who is a fan of crass and general opinions as to wether PUNK IS DEAD!?


to me punk isn't dead but it's certainly got worse


there are still punx around from 20 and 30 years a go

so it's not dead to me!

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If punk is dead, I dont know what the hell I've been listening to for the past 3 years.
I don't think that is it dead. (If it's dead I must be a zombie :P)

I do agree that it has steadily declined and its difficult to find, but you just have to know where to look. ;]
I personaly think it's better like that. Makes it more personal.
I do too sorta. Yeah sometimes I wish there was more people in my area that were cool and into the same things I am, but I'd rather have a few really rad people than a bunch of trendy losers who do it for the dress. Of course that still happens a lot, but it easy enough to see who just crawled out of hot topic and who is genuine.
yeah so true, its better in england as punk really isnt followed by the mainstream at all anymore but it still would be good to see a greater flux of new punk bands that rivalled stuff like the exploited etc...
Really? Thats pretty lucky. I know way to many kids that get mohawks and then all of a sudden are "punk" from shopping at hot topic. Garbage.

It would be nice to have more unity in my community. There is a TON of unity and awesome ska bands where I live, but the punk scene is suffering. :/
damn you took the words right out my mouth
There used to be a tonne of punks, skaters and goths but now the town seems to be overcrowded with 'emos' 'scene' kids and general punk haters and emo haters, im not an emo hater i just not to fond of them.

i think there is like 3 or 4 punk/ska bands
i have seen some girls with mohawks anbd a couple of guys that are like punk.
i dont really wanna go up to em and say 'yo im a punker wanna hang out and be hip n cool with each other' coz it really would probably end up with me being punched in the face HARD!
why would you get punched in the face for asking to chill with sum1 that has a mohawk lol?
i love crass too but i agree with the Jello philiosophy:
'punks not dead it just deserves to die when it becomes another stale cartoon'
i mean this is what happened when the companies exploited it and turned it into another mainstream fad; but as long as there are still bands and people who are gonna live up to the punk ideals and not be corrupted by the 'fashion' of it all, punk is alive and kicking. i think alot of this site proves that too.
i don't think crass considered themselves punk, they probably just wanted to provocate.
punk won't ever die, it just changes like every other (sub)culture.
Maybe punk did die? in the seventies you had like the second wave of it all but grunge took over shortly after that, i think crass's message was a good one, better punk be a struggling sub culture based on individualism than a mass produced item held under a for sale sign in hot topic,
its tough to find decent gigs and others of the same mindset but i'd rather be alone listening to exploited or with the few punks that are around than surrounded by hundreds of fucking annoying posers and wannabe's.
and to twisted cunt, yeah round here most of us would react that way but thats just because we're used to sarcasm and its the best way to prove yourself, if you can take a punch and laugh it off me and my mates would happily buy you a pint ;)


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