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Hey everyone!

A couple months ago, I cut off my mohawk that was in really bad shape and have been growing my hair for a smaller, healthy, fresh new hawk.

Now I'm really thinking of doing a bihawk and I need some ideas and/or opinions on how I can modify one to look better from the front view.

The only problem I have with bi hawks is that they don't look all that great from the front. Im not a girl so I can't do a chelsea bihawk which I think takes care of the awkward looking front view.

So Im thinking of trying to have it so the two hawks connect in the very front and then made into one. Im thinking something along the lines of it looking like a mohawk facing the front that splits off and tapers out into two hawks on either side of the shaved part, like a regular bihawk.

I want to know what you think about this modded bihawk idea and other ideas and ways I could make a bihawk that looks better in the front.

Thanks guys!


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I think of something like this.
No... that really wasn't what I was thinking of. It probabily wouldn't work out to well anyways.

I think long bihawks look great from the front..




maybe grow it out before you cut it? or just cut it and deal with it until it grows out :P

Yours was pretty awesome!

But you had the chelsea bangs, which make it look better from the front. I just think that just a plain bihawk can sometimes look wierd from the front.

I guess I just want to do something other than a regular mohawk this time, but not a "normal" haircut.

I dunno, I still think it would look just fine from the front without bangs! But maybe that's just me *shrugs*

Yeah, I might just go ahead and do a regular one. Fuck it, right? Haha

Yours and Jae's little one have always been my favorite bihawks and what makes me want to do one.

I think it'll be like any new haircut, you get used to it after a few days and then you like it a lot more.

Absolutely, I HATED my hawk for the first week or so when I got it.. now I can't imagine not shaving my head all the time lol. And worst case, you find its not the right style for you and you can just grow your hair back and start over! I would love to have my bihawk back but I loath growing my hair out..

You should just go ahead and do it! I know it's a pain in the ass to grow your hair out but it only takes a few months and it'll be worth it!

I was the same way with my first hawk. I had kind of longer hair which was shaved into a short(2-3inch) mohawk.

It's the "shock" when you look in the mirror the first few days or so. Now it's the only way I like to have my hair but every now and then I'll shave it off and grow it out a few inches and get a hawk again. It's nice to be bald every once in a while.


Now I'm thinking of the bihawk because my hair is short and I want to try something else before I get a regular hawk again. Once I get the hawk I won't want to cut it off for a long while so now just seems like a good time for a bihawk.


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