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I have had a mohawk before a while ago but decided to just chop it off and grow my hair out. Though now I want to get one again but I want one that looks kinda sloppy and such kinda like the one, one of the guitarists from The Exploited had. Anyone know how to go bout this?

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Welcome!  It'd be helpful to link a picture of what you're going for (from Google) and one of yourself, that'll help folk work out the best way to advise how you might cut that.

Like the one second from the left


Thanks for that.  That looks like just cutting it short, with the front almost double length to the top, so it'll fall over.  It's quite an easy one, thankfully.  Being short and so wide, will make it quick and simple to put up.

After hairspraying & blow-drying it up at the front, you can comb that section down(after it's dried!) and it'll form that fringe.  You then can spray it again to hold.  Sometimes you may have to do that a couple times to get it good.

Though, depends also your hairline, how it'll look.


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