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Silly game. The rules are you name the song you're currently listening to and finish with in my pants. The results are usually worth a laugh. So:

Sleep now in the fire in my pants. (RATM)

Now you...

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Loud pipes in my pants (ratatat)

...And Out Comes the N-Bomb! in my pants(Leftöver Crack)

Baby Punchers in my pants(Leftöver Crack)

Wolds War 4 in my pants(Leftöver Crack)

Look Who's Talking Now! in my pants(SFH)

Heaven in my pants(SFH)

We Always Get Fucked, Always in my pants(Shortstop From Tokyo)

Jesus has a place for me in my pants (LOC)

Dirty Reggae in my pants (The Aggrolites)

Ring of Fire in my pants (Johnny Cash)

Super Orgy Porno Party in my pants (The Planet Smashers)

Streams of Whiskey in my pants (The Pogues)


wow.. haha

 Hey ho lets go in my pants. (ramones)
hah :D  

battery acid in my pants (queens of the stoneage)
sweetest perfection in my pants (depeche mode/deftones)
Dying Love in my pants

I wanna be with you tonight in my pants (Screeching weasel)

great british mistake in my pants. (adverts)


Everything I'm Not In My Pants

never again in my pants disturbed

i will fail you in my pants demon hunter

scream of the voiceless in my pants Grave Robber

you're all gona die in my pants grave robber


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