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Update: Added some 1st Annual International Mohawk Day Pictures
We've been chatting in the chat room tonight and decided that in honor of the 1 year birthday of that we shall declare the "ides of MO-vember" International Mohawk Day. Its also a Saturday so its pretty much perfect. Basically, everyone should charge the hawks on November 15. We should also spread the word everywhere we can.

What other activities can we drum up for the first annual "International Mohawk Day" and's birthday?

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good idea GMM I'm definately having mine up for that day, I'll offer free haircuts to people and whatnot too.
Oh yeah, offering free mohawks to people is a great idea.
I can't wait!!! What if we make stencils n spray em on a t shirt for that saturday. with or something?
I think it is great idea - "IMD." I was planning to have cards made up with MOHAWKSROCK.COM on them with a photo and give them out to guys that show interest in mine or might be a candidate for rocking a hawk. Will also have a t-shirt made up. (

Giving free hawks is a good idea too. Wish I could talk a friendly barber into doing hawks at least for discount. A mohawk here in Palm Springs costs $18 to 30. I'll check with a few. Would be business that otherwise might not happen.
Zazzle is an interesting site. MohawksRock has a store there, but I haven't done too much with it to this point.

I need to do more with it and put more products up, however just tonight I noticed there are tons of customization options for the T-shirt. You can get it in a variety of colors, for men, women and even kids. You can also use it as a base to add your own customizations like your user name or picture or something.
Awesome, I'll need to add this to my calendar!!!
dammit, i need to shave mine off work word this weekend...this sux
i know the feeling man i had to do the same for work i miss it so much
definitely going to wear mine tall and proud :)

i'd gladly order a shirt too
awesome!! i think i'll do some art work (hawk related) and sell it and try and get some people to get some hawks going on.
I'll spike mines up and maybe I'll be able to dye it that day or something.
I just made this shirt.

Front - Photobucket

Back - Photobucket

Now I just need my mom to buy it for me. ahahha.


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