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So what's your opinion?

What do you think a juggalo is?

What do you think defines a punk?

I have my views but I wanna hear your guys' definitions to these two cultures and ways of life.

What's the difference?

Which one do you represent?

Are there different types of these subcultures?

Do you hate the other one? Why?


Share a little intellectual thought on this :P

Gotta love Urban Dictionary's definitions of things:

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i listen to most icp music, but dont call my self a juggalo.
i listen to ALL punk music :D honestly saying what kind of thing you are is whatever. other people will still look at you like your stupid. so it doesnt matter

but i agree with some of the other people. theres the ones that make that group of people look terrible! (the retarded white trash juggalos) same goes for punks, theres some retarded punks as well.
oh me too icp is my shit but idk and yeah we all have bad apples, blacks,whites,asians,punks,emos,thug,business men fuck even priest and shito like that have bad apples.. I mean dang i know sme kind hearted bloods and crips..SAooo not every juggalo or punk is an ass

I have had nothing but horrible run ins with 'juggalos and lettes' They fro my experience are violent, drug fueled, sheep of the band, merchandise whores and are generally loud and obnoxious and hate anyone who isn't like them self. Juggalo have this big stupid thing about family and their music bringing them together. Well I hate the break it to the silly things, but just because you have the same taste in music...that doesn't make you a fucking family. Just because I like culture club and Boy George doesn't make me a clubette and family with other Boy George fans.  Just saying. And also, all the hot topic, Spencer's and whatever crap stores that sell en mass the crap for this band is like a candy store to these fans of ICP. I have never in my life so devotedly bought one brand or one style of clothing representing a band or anything else for that matter, I don't like being a walking billboard for someone to make money off of. It is like a uniform showing the utter lack of creativity on the part of the person buying it. Don't get me started on the lyrics, ritualistically rude, crass and stupid. Bitches titties and murder are a main theme, but also included are animal abuse, suicide, disrespect to just about every living thing and I won't leave out the absolute garbage that makes no sense as "fucking magnets how do they work".

I try not to generalize people... but its hard with juggalos and lettes. Just sayin. Also... Faygo taste like shit.

im not gonna lie alot of em are asses but ive also heard that lots of them metal head bikers that be up in the bars and shit are asses too and i listen to that type of music as well.Mtal and shit.IDK i cant tight at you becuase youve actually had problems with these guys.I havent had any probs withem yet but i can tell you from experience i HAVE a terrible history with many of the dominican immigrants around here but yet i dont classify all as asses.But yeah its hard to not classem all as asses at times sooo yeah i kinda feel your pain grrr


yea my step son is a juggalo and he threatened to murder me and my 3 month old daughter becuase I was about to marry his Dad. His favorite way to threaten me was to quote ICP songs on my answering machine or over emails. Having to get a restraining order on your own 'family' sucks. Thats just one instance of juggalos I have known.  I am sure there are nice juggalos out there somewhere though. lol
i am a nicce juggalo and thas messed up about what that asshole said about your daughter and it hurts me because i feel like my families are juggalo and punkrockers...I fuck with both and it hurts that my families are going at it and even worst it hurts that all three emos,punks and juggalos dislike eachother since i mess with all the types of peoples...It like me being half white nd half black and on my dads side they are white supremacist in his family and on my moms side there are black panthers in her family...This whole juggalo vs punk shit is retarded forreal..and i know a punk/rap metal band that iare juggalos...The band Hedpe...
I agree 100% on that


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