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So what's your opinion?

What do you think a juggalo is?

What do you think defines a punk?

I have my views but I wanna hear your guys' definitions to these two cultures and ways of life.

What's the difference?

Which one do you represent?

Are there different types of these subcultures?

Do you hate the other one? Why?


Share a little intellectual thought on this :P

Gotta love Urban Dictionary's definitions of things:

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THAT is the reason I can't stand Juggalos, glorifying ignorance


I think freedom and doing what the fuck you wanna do defines both of them..Rebellion obviously but some people dont look or act like punks and juggallos to be rebellious its just them...being them selfs and just fitting in being themselves


What do you think a juggalo is? isnt it white meth heads?

What do you think defines a punk? people who don't give a fuck about themselves or other people and who hate following mainstream society?

What's the difference? one is all bull shit and one isn't so bad.

Which one do you represent? hmm

Are there different types of these subcultures? not that i know of

Do you hate the other one? Why? because its stupid.

I was born a Maggot, I eat sleep and breathe Slipknot... So, yeah, I don't get along with Juggaloes. But that doesn't mean I don't respect their life... I just wish they'd quit acting like a gang and then bitching about people that think they ARE a gang. In every quote-unquote subculture, there are variences, of that I'm sure.

not to be disrespectful, just expressing my views here

slipknot is an alright band, a good medium in the metal world, most of their songs are decent but not that great, i like them but not my fav

still R.I.P. Paul

As far as Juggalos go..

I had the unfortunate experience of dating a juggalo once. (it lasted for one month)..and this is what I gathered.

At first, he seemed like a normal guy. Little did I know..he wore clown makeup on occasion and was incredibly OBSESSED with the band ICP. They have no talent whatsoever. Their music makes my ears bleed. But i guess you like what you like.

They sing about family and taking a stand against child rapists, etc. which is all positive. But they also sing about murdering people and doing really twisted and disgusting things.

So I read ICP's book because I was fascinated with my boyfriends fucked up beliefs. Apparently Shaggy2Dope and Violent J of ICP had visions of this "Dark Carnival" that exists with characters such as a ring master and a Great Milenko who play their each individual roles. To me, they seem like a less intellectual version of Muses in Greek Mythology. I won't drone on about their beliefs, but people followed their visions and music that has become nothing short of a cult.

There are basic morals involved that draw in the weak minded. It seems like all Juggalos respect each other and turn into a big happy family if you're one of them, and if you act accordingly you'll be accepted into Shangri-La (heaven)


From meeting many Juggalos in that month, the stereotype showed me that most of them are obviously brainwashed, whiggers, wear clown makeup, and buy anything and everything with a hatchet man on it (the symbol of ICPs record label, Psychopathic Records), addicted to gambling, alcoholics or drug addicts, need anger management, and are blatantly violent for no apparent reason at times. They cling to the culture because they were social outcasts at a young age and/or came from broken families and are now looking for anyone to replace them.

My personal belief about ICP is, they think Juggalos are a joke. They do not believe in their Dark Carnival. And they just get a kick out of watching their followers. Even though they say in their book that they say bullshit on interviews (saying they have no idea where Juggalos came from and that they have taken the music too literally, etc). Why would they say these things to interviewers if they believe in this "family" and fucked up religion? Wouldn't they support it publicly instead of make Juggalos look like ignorant idiots? (even though they do it plenty themselves)


hahaha to be honest the wiggr part is a bit rue and clown stuff but i do fuck with juggalo and there music i think it ounds just as awful as punkrock though
That's just generally. I know each person is an individual and not everyone is this way. But I still believe the Juggalo beliefs are very screwed up.

A juggalo is usually a white male, he lives in the trailer park with his mother, who is burnt out from drugs and gives blows jobs for crack and has few teeth left. He is angry at the world for reasons ranging from absent father syndrome to teenage angst. He does drugs, drinks too much, and spends his time between jobs that he holds for a few months at a time playing wrestling video games. He is unintelligent, poorly educated, and holds no opinion of his own. He degrades women.

A punk usually varies from crusties to street punks and everywhere in-between. They doubt the credibility of other punks based on their knowledge of bands. They hold strong values, whether they enact them or not. There is a split between the intelligent and educated to the idiotic. Many actually contribute in a positive way through their politics while others ruin the view of punks through their behavior.

The difference is clear. But every group has their flaws.

soo schol dropouts are intelligent most punks i know are school drop outs,white,missing teeth and have teenage angst sooo why are  you trynna make one look better than the other .Of coarse you dumbasses are gunna critiscize shit yall dont know about especially when its not your type ..I dont understand how some of you guys get mad for people making fun of yall or pulling your damn hair or w.e. yet yall do the same thing to a culture you know nothing about..Thats some hypocrite shit...Doing stuff to peeople you wouldnt want don eto your self..Criticism
I agree. It is out natural instinct to critisize others however. I will make fun of the way someone looks, but I do encourage anyone's personal artistic expression. There are fucked up hyppocrital people in every subculture. I do my research however and only make points on things I know about.
My point is most of these people are alcoholic druggies who hit their girlfriends. I accept people will do this to eachother, it's human nature. And this is asking for an opinion, don't like mine? Fine. That's the point. To see what others think. I hardly think anyone should be calling one a 'dumbass' because you disagree. I base my opinion on my experience, and until some one proves me wrong, I'll keep thinking that way. If I have an understanding of their so called 'culture' and I disapprove, I most likely have good reason.


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