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Hey anyone else from Kansas rockin or not rockin that's on?

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Nope! I'm kinda indiana/ohio. There r a lot of weird places I didn't think Mohawks existed! I bet there's at least 2 in each state :p

We could only hope so. And do u live like on a state line? So was Ks one of those weird places?

How r u doing today by the way?

Yea I live on the state line almost. Kinda neat in some ways. I work in a college town so I'm shocked that I see more radical hair styles in the country than around campus!

Its cause small towns know how to raise kids to b what they want to be. iam a small Towner. Lol

Me too I've always hated it bcuz the people act like assholes when they see anything different. I use to get picked on for just dressing different

Yeah lol me too. I use to wear trip pants and it would b an everyday Thing lets make fun of the person who has no problem expressing himself.

i had a hippie look going for me for a long time. i just didnt give a fuck. nobody else really liked led zeppelin and stuff like that unless it was a guy. so i always had guy friends and still have mostly guys for friends . i use to get called gay because id cut my hair short and stuff.and i wore glasses til i was a sophomore in high school and got called a dork

I had to cut the hawk off since I start med school soon


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