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So I've heard that people actually keep the same mohawk up for like 3-5 days at a time before redoing it.....How the hell?? I take a shower daily and don't understand the concept of keeping it up in the shower, unless they plan on putting a plastic bag over their hair. (I actually tried this part) So just reply on how you keep your hair up so long...

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elmers glue is water soluble, it will take a while to wash out, but it will.  Knox is dissolved in water as well.

I realized that Knox seems to stop working very well once yer hair gets too tall though, and it also crystallizes yer hair after long enough...


I used to know a guy in Portland that kept adding more knox whenever he had to in order to keep his hair up for months. He got in a big throw-down while we were standing by the bar one night, and when his hair hit the wall it shattered like glass?! It was by far one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in my life!


Needless to say, I stopped using knox after that...

Yes i dont shower daily so i can keep me hawkthing up for 3 days
if you dont take it down then it will stay up for more than a day.  :0
I'm on day three of my usual week-long hawk, and I shower every day.  Turn the water on after you're in there and keep your head out of the water, then wash your face alone after.
My bf has taken showers with his hair up before. I dunno how he does it so well but he does.
If ur hair is like 6 inches or shorter than its easier just to redo it everyday, when mine got to about 8 inches it got easier to keep it up for a few days. at 14 inches now, its hard to take a shower lol i have to stay bent over the whole time, but i dont wash my head, i do wash the sides of my head with a wet washcloth though. i cant stand going more than one day without a shower lol. after a shower i hafta touch it up with hairspray, i think thats with most people tho.

my mohawk always survives the festivals, I just need to use a little hairspray every morning, but its still great! And it can survive the shower too... I can do my hair really good.

(sorry for bad english :D)

Mine is over 16 inches tall, and it stays up for about a week (give or take) at a time. Just like Steve said, I use Got2b Freeze Spray, and it REALLY works. I normally just stand up the hawk, then keep spraying it until it's so stiff that putting the blow dryer a few inches away doesn't make it move, that way I KNOW it's done sturdy. You can even grab it and fold it down past my shoulders, and as soon as you let go it pops right back up. I normally just spray it again every morning just to be safe, but it still stays up for quite a few days even when I don't.

I still bathe and stay clean just fine....

My hair is about 17 inches and im havin trouble with this, it'll only stay up for a day. Ive always used Got2b Feeze Spray and wen it was ab a foot it wud do tha same, just pop back up if someone touched it. but it gets all wobly at tha base now... i cant figure it out, maybe cuza my hair? its naturally straight and not really thick just kinda normal, idk if im doin nethin wrong or different or not. tha problem started wen it was ab 14 or so inches so idk. would u have any suggestions of how to keep it up for longer? i do tha liberty spikes, its too thin to do tha regular fan anymore :/

Your hawk is too thin at the base. There really isn't any way to fix it, you've got too much weight and not enough base. If it's getting too thin to fan, it may just be getting too thin from breakage and what not. The best way to avoid your issue, is to start out with a nice wide base and let it grow from there.

what's a shower?


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