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Hi everyone, How yall been?

As a few of you may know, I have been having trouble with putting my hawk up since it hit about 4 inches. No matter what I try to do I can never get it to stand. It looks as if it was a really nice fan before a hurricane passed and screwed it all up. It's currently about 8 inches.

Im thinking of just shaving my head totally and starting over in a few months with a brand new healthy hawk. I''ve gone through about 6 cans of got2b, a few tubes of spikng glue, rave, different techniques/advice from other members, you name it and Ive probabily tried it.

Im just in a really shitty and down mood lately. Just plain frustrated. I even narrowed it from about 3 1/2 inches at the base to maybe 2 and I think I made it worse.

I've had longer mohawks in the past and Ive never had this much trouble. I dont know what Im doing wrong this time. It also probabily dont help that it's damaged some from bleaching.

So what should I do? Start over or continue to fight what I feel is a losing battle.

Have any of you ever been in the same situation?

Do you ever feel the need to just shave it off and/or start over?

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Never had that problem and my hair is much longer. I suppose if it's causing you that much greif and you dont mind it being short then go for it and cut it down to something you can manage

It's not really causing me grief, Im just kinda frustrated with it. But reluctant and hesitant to shave it. My thinking was just starting over with a smaller hawk with new, heathy hair, maybe it would help. Ive had other (healthier) hawks in the past, up to a foot, and it just seems like they were easier and weren't so impossible and I dont understand why.

How wide is your hawk at the base?

Ive been bald with bangs or a "Chelsea" cut and loved it. When my hair grew back it was extremely healthy too. If you don't mind the wait I say go for it .The hardest part for me was not being able to do a lot with it, but it was very refreshing.

Yeah, As I said above to Corpsequeen, Im reluctant and hesitant to do it because I know it will be hard to wait for it to grow out enough to do my hawk again. I do love having it but I think that this one is possibly just to dead and maybe that is my problem. This is the first hawk I've bleached and the first that Im having so much trouble with, so being mew to it I probabily screwed it up. 

How long and wide is your current hawk? I also think I made it slightly too narrow.

It is about 3ish inches thick? Maybe. I also like mine thick.

Yeah, if you can stand the wait definitely go for it. I bleached the hell out of my first hawk and it was so hard to put up no matter what I did. The problem with going thinner is that the base is less makes it even harder to hold up the top. The best bet is to thin your hair on the top and leave the base wide. Best of luck dude!

Thanks. I think Thats what it is was the bleach. I was and still am very new to it and I must have over done it or left it in too long every time. I narrowed it from 3 1/2 or 4ish inches to about 2, thinking that it was to much hair which made it take more spray, time and work to put up, but I was wrong. It's now worse because it's sort of top heavy and even more gaps.

Thanks for the reply!

Well, I did it. I shaved it off.

The mohawk was about two years old and I do think I needed a change for a little while, and its like 90 degrees here so it's not a bad thing.

Im gonna grow it back and try to take better care of it. It'll be back by Halloween. Maybe I'll do a bi-hawk.

It looks and feels so strange! I havent ever shaved to zero before, just like a number 2. I kinda like it and I kinda dont if ya know what I mean, but still unsure.

Im now contemplating bic-ing it! Haha

Good luck!


I bic-ed mine when I first did it, it felt great. But then again it is more time that you have to wait to grow out. I think it was worth it. It grew back within the week.


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