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I just started a band around 3 weeks ago any advice someone can give for a new band?

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Have confidence, don't play to please a because it's fun, don't let anybody take control, value everyone's opinions and ideas, practice practice practice, if you sound like shit..WHO CARES?! Play anyway! :D


These things helped my band when it was first starting out.

thanks good advice :D
Stage presence. This is very important. Remember, for the 40 minutes you're on stage, you're a god. You can be a huge douche bag. Personally, I enjoy fucking with the audience. Dump beer on them, spray them with whipped cream, throw raw hot dogs, puffed wheat, crowd surf on an inflatable mattress. Also remember that if you really suck, you won't get away with this. Also, write songs, and practice them. Then practice them. After that, practice them. Recording comes last. Play atleast a fistful of shows before you record. When you've gained a following, you can start producing merch, like your patches and shirts. As a musician, the main point of being in a band is MUSIC. If you do not LOVE YOUR MUSIC, you shouldn't be in the band. End of story homes.
that sounds like a fun show haha

Best advice! hire me as band manager.

i shall consider this
do anything and everything in your shows for shock value thats what attracts people


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