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I'm thinking on getting a lip piercing, I'm only 16, and I can hide it easily, and I could take it out and let the hole heal before I need to go and start my career. Worst case senario, I get a mark on my lip. Or I get an infection, both of which are treatable.





 The picture here would be the actual piercing. My school has no problems with it, and it's not like I can do it when I'm 30 or even 20 for that matter.


Gotta convince my mom first. Any tips on the piercing, or the approaching of the parent?


Not afraid of the pain, I have had needles in me before (Medical tests, I swear!) so I'm not afraid of the pain, would have a professional do it though. I don't wanna get fucked up bc of it.


you have no clue how much this helps. I wanna get a piercing, and for once, I'm not afraid of the pain idea, just the MOM part of it. How did you get around your mom/parents?

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If mom cares about teeth and gums, look into a vertical. If you have an allowance/chore list see if you can work out a deal if paying for its an issue. I don't have an allowance or a chore list, but getting good grades help--ie: if i get at least 4 Bs or higher I can get the piercing. Or whatever. That's just what I would do in your case. When I left for college I spent my money on piercings and tats xD So I guess thats another option.

Just practice/plan out the conversation first. And research helps--piercings places and prices, etc.
Thanks :) Yeah, I have done a little research on places. I wouldn't want a vertical, though lol. Payment isn't the issue, it's just.. My mom is extremley religious and the mohawk was hard to convince her in the first place, a piercing may be harder but thatnks for your advice!
hahaha. I was forced into my parent's religion. Catholic school for 13 years. Not fun. Just wish that my mom could see that she should be happy with who I am and if I'm happy. pfft! here's hoping, but good luck :D
OMG really? I know friends of mine that have gone through that crap, forced into a religion. What a load of bullshit! My mom went to a catholic school for a couple of years, now she hates nuns. Wonder why? =D
Yeah its pretty shitty. And now I only know one side of everything, which is Catholicism. I feel like a dumbass in college cuz I don't know alot of the famous philosophers and other shit like that. Now I hate uniforms and dress codes. Mostly those damn collared shirts and tucking them in. GRR.
Don't even get me started on having to take religion class!
Just ask her. 70% of the time if your moms cool with a mohawk, shell say yes. Unless your moms like mine and thinks i am starting a u.s. rebellion against everthing.
Your right, If I convinced her about the 'hawk, then she wouldn't have a big big problem with me getting a piercing. Hair you can cut off in an instant... A lip piercing hole can take a few months to heal. The lip is the only piercing that I would consider though.
Yes, vertical labrets are a great alternative to the usual labrets. However, I will say they are harder to cover up. I have two verticals in my lip. What worked when convincing my mom was bringing it up occasionally. I didn't get in her face saying I want this piercing. Start talking about body modification and ask her opinion and show that you have some knowledge on the area maybe even more than her.

Good idea to go to a professional too. The great thing about piercings is that they can always be taken out or easily covered.
Yeah, thanks for the advice. You're right... I just need to ask my mom abut it lightly and not get up in her face... I still need her signature on the form. And professionally done piercings i hear are better for your health and shit like that.
My parents were very against piercings and mohawks and things like that.... but I kind of went ahead and did these things anyway. First I discussed it with my parents and such, and even though they were opposed to the idea, I would still bring it up once in a while, but I'd back off if I noticed they were getting edgy or mad.

Definitely go for it professionally. I'm a piercer (I no longer work at a piercing shop anymore, but I still do piercings on my own) and I would never be pierced by anyone who is not a professional. There is just so much that could go wrong if you just use a sewing needle and some old jewelry that a friend gave you. Seriously, some nasty shit can happen. Although I'm sure there are a lot of people that would argue that they pierced their own lip with a sewing needle or whatever... good for them, they just were lucky enough to not have to deal with nasty infections, huge scarring, rejection (in the case of a vert) blood bourne illness, etc.

I know you said you need to get your mom's signature in order to get the piercing. However, look around and call around at some other shops. I know at my shop, we would pierce without parental consent as of age 16. Tattoos were age 18.

Worst comes to worst..... Just wait until your 18. If it's going to piss of your parents so much that they might kick you out or something.... having a home is a little more important than having a hole in your face.

Hope that helps a bit!
That does! Thanks for the advice! It helps me a lot. I think I'm going to go for it this summer sometime. Like you, that is the technique that I will more than likely take, is to make sure that I bug mom, but gently, not harshly. And you're right, home is a little more important than having a hole in my face. Thanks Courtney! And still, even if I could get it pierced at 16... I still would want my mom to know about it, after all, I have to live with her :P
No problem! And i'm glad you have a good attitude about it. i know quite a few people who wouldn't really think it through and then just get kicked out or have to take the piercing out right away. and thats just a waste of money now isnt it >.< lol


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