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There may be another discussion on this already, but fuck it. 

What are the top 5 punk bands you'd recommend? I'm trying to find some new stuff to listen to... 

Mine are: 

1. Sex Pistols
2. The Rabble
3. Bratmobile
4. Joan Jett
5. Green Day

And I don't want to hear any "GOD THAT BAND SUCKS" or "YOU HAVE HORRIBLE TASTE" Because I could care less. The point is to get some unknown bands out here as well as ones that may have just slipped under the radar. Oh! And as always, rock on, party hardy, and kick ass. 

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The dead milkmen 

 flux of pink indians 

fleas and lice 



Anti-heroes XD Thanks. I think I may have a new favorite for a while. 

haha no problem XD

forgot CRASS


A Global Threat

MInor Threat

The Restarts
Raw Power



Bad Religion


Sex Pistols


Cock Sparrer

Ew Greenday.

Ok lol but

1. Leftover Crack / Choking Victim

2. Oxymoron

3. 4 Skins

4. One Way System


LOL. Greenday was so hawt back in the day though.. if it weren't for them I wouldn't be here today. I'd probably be some metal head instead. 

Green day was awesome when they started out, lol so was AFI, but oh well

AFI totally was.. their old stuff is great.
Cruise Control is my favorite song by them
Until Davey Havoc started hooking up with Jeffree Star. It's just weird and gross now.


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