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I know there's probably a few discussions about putting up mohawks, I'm just looking for a few quick tips or explanations considering the fact that my hair is almost down to my shoulders and is quite thick across the top.
Will teasing or backcombing make hair that long stand up?
How will I actually do the backcombing and all that on hair that long?
I'm thinking my hair may be too long to sweep forward so sweeping back may be the only option.
Any help will be appreciated.

Edit: I had an undercut before I raised the sides to a mohawk so I don't have any hair on the back of my head, heh.

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My hair does not back-tease very easily. I have a narrow base for my hawk . Its made for a fan style. Jonny Slut (pic) has a wider base and length is shorter . Depending on those factors.. you can be your own judge.
I say do what you want be a rebel !!!
I love his hair, it's exactly what I want mine to look like.
I'm thinking I might have to cut mine shorter because it is longer than his and mine's a bit thicker across the top.
I had a go at teasing it up but I have very little idea what I'm doing and it feels too long. Also my hair loves knotting up and I don't want to do my whole hawk unless I'm sure I'll do a good job of it.

So can anyone give me directions on how to do my hair like Jonny Slut's?

I feel like a completely naive fool when it comes to hair.
My roomate says to :

back tease then spray got2B glued on the teased area then let it stand . DO NOT touch it ! Just mist your hair and let it stand . you can use the hair dryer to help . The main thing is if you over saturate the top of your hawk , it will tend to fall like a tree branch full of wet snow.
With my hair I spray from the base up . My hawk is a beast and I am very carefull not to fuck it up!

Hope this helps let us know how it goes ok?
Thanks heaps :D
Hopefully I'll be able to take some pics; I'm going to a post-apocalyptican/dystopian party soon so I'll be rocking it, goggles, gas mask, leather chaps, etc, hears hoping it looks great.


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