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Last year I set the goal for myself to successfully end the year without a haircut. No trim. No color. Nada. This is the second time I've tried to do this, but I tend to get hair-antsy and just cut it off every now and then. So, now I am here and I am gettin antsy: it's time for a cut.

Cool: so this is me now

This is where you come in: I'm not an experienced hawk-rocker and could use some help. Granted, I'm not too retarded on the subject (I can read the forums too, lol).

How do you imagine that I will rock my hawk? Short: long? Color A: color B? Both?

I'd like to hear what you'd do to my head, and who knows, I might end up doing it.

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I'm in the process of making a video.
Oh wow that's hot! Are you sure that's you?? You look completely different from the first picture, the hawk looks great on you! And you put it up soo well considering you just got it cut and all

Your hair = <3


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