Mohawks Rock

So, I like the hawk, but I actually hate the attention.

It just annoys me having the questions constantly, and i get asked 'how long does it take?' every single day by at least five people; i might aswell get it tatooed on my forehead. so i tried wearing it down, didn't work, tried wearing a hat, it just got pulled off (telling people not to fails and i'm not very mean anyway ^^)

Anyone else just get tired of the attention a hawk gets sometimes?

I really like my hawk by the way xD.

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Yeah, not so great when a guy does it..
I don't get any attention, other than odd glances. : D

I didn't mean to come across as though it upset me, most of the time it's fun and the people aren't nasty - no one ever is really. So many people had asked me the day I posted this xD

It's still worth it and most of the time it's fun, it's just sometimes it gets a bit too much - nowhere near enough to think of getting rid of it though ;D

A lot of the people who give odd glances then speak to me and it's fine :)


p.s. i had a particularly question filled day about my hair when i created this topic!


Also, I wouldn't go down the rude root cause as Steve said; gotta expect it really. xD Doesn't mean it can't get irritating sometimes though. Overall it's fun though 

Yeah, i have to say when i get asked to tell people what it means to be punk and what is real punk i feel like hitting my head against a wall because shock horror, im not a punk. D:
Meh. Just glare at 'em if you're not in the mood to deal with the crap. Always works for me.
As irate as some people can make you meet some really awesome, interesting people. One of first few times I put mine up on campus I had the standard questions and people trying to touch it it, but my sweater vest wearing English professor came up to me after class, started telling me stories of back when he was a part of the 80's hardcore scene, and would bring me music throughout the semester to check out. As with anything, you just got to sift through the heap to find the gems.

When I first started getting attention, I didn't like it but then I realized that I could use the questioning to my advantage....



"Can I touch your hair?!"


When I bent my head over for them to touch it, I screamed right when they put their hand on it. That got a funny kick out of everyone around. I even did that to my principal once, he busted up laughing.


Turn the attention into something that you can take advantage of, and it won't seem to bad. BTW - The longer it gets, the more attention you will recieve lol

I WAY use the shit to my advantage! I started charging people a dollar to touch it, and two bucks to take a picture...


I make at least fifty bucks off that shit every weekend...?!    o_O

(My hair basically ends up paying for my booze and/or a show)
It used to annoy the fuck out of me, but now I don't even realize that people are paying attention to me. Someone could be  screaming shit at me and I wouldn't even notice. You become desensitized after a while.
NOPE I LOVE IT !!!,maybe that has something to do with me being a Leo,LOL but seriously I love the fact that I know everyone is looking at me,I dont mind the questions, I see it like this Im a black dude with an way above average hawk(for a black dude in jersey that is) so of course people are going to stare when I decided to keep letting it grow I knew what to expect,you have a Mohawk stares and questions comes with it,
OH YEAH ONE MORE THING,,, I have almost been in about 20 fights over the last two years,WHY because of idiot insecure boyfriends,,this is what they do,,they point me out to their lady friends or girl friend expecting them to join in on whatever joke they may be having but to their surprise the ladies don't join in instead they look with amazement and awe,,no jokes then the guy gets all upset that his lady or ladies keeps looking at me until the point where he has to say something negative to me to try and start a fight to prove themselves and help their insecurity problem,but I don't let them get to me so while he is upset and trying to start a fight i'm cool as ever while the ladies are giving me smiles and eye contact,,,I fucking love my hawk


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