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So, I like the hawk, but I actually hate the attention.

It just annoys me having the questions constantly, and i get asked 'how long does it take?' every single day by at least five people; i might aswell get it tatooed on my forehead. so i tried wearing it down, didn't work, tried wearing a hat, it just got pulled off (telling people not to fails and i'm not very mean anyway ^^)

Anyone else just get tired of the attention a hawk gets sometimes?

I really like my hawk by the way xD.

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It started to annoy me too, so what I do now is use it to my advantage for amusement. Give them outrageous answers to their questions like:
What do you use to put it up? Horse semen and the blood of the innocent.
How long does it take? I put it up one time over a year ago and its stayed since then.
If they start touching my hair, I touch theirs back and they get weirded out because they just have normal hair.

And there are so many others you can do to get hilarious reactions from these annoying questioners.

LOL I live in a town of rednecks and hippies, I like that people stop and stare. Being one of only 3 real punks and the only hawk in town, I like to be noticed. Not like those dread-head hippies and there nothingness.

Lol, Dreads are popular in the punk scene here. I'm actually growing my hair out for dreads.


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